Pennants Collection

 The following are pictures of pennants that I have been collecting for about a year now for my two boys. All of these pennants have been purchased on the campuses of each school. I could spend the time and money to order them online, but there is something cool about them coming from their respective campuses. If you don’t see your school below, maybe you should think about getting the pennant to me. Just a thought. I could make an exception here or there…but the school I absolutely refuse to put up is one from the University of Florida. They are Tennessee’s biggest rival as of late and just refuse to bring that kind of mess into my home. Other than that, I will more than likely accept your school’s pennant.

The first pennant of my collection. Seemed appropriate.

For all of you UT fans, oh that’s right…the SECOND UT.

For all you “Buffs” people.

Being a college fan, I had to get the pennant of the only school to face the “death penalty” in college athletics.

I got this from a great friend. I have never been there. And now that I have the pennant, I don’t have to.

The little brother got this one on a trip to DC.

Of all the Texas schools, this may be the coolest mascot.

What would a pennant collection be without my Alma mater?

This is my effort to bring you OU and UT fans together on the “same page.”

Nothing wrong with a little school known as the Ivy League school of the South.

I have friends that went to Auburn, but crazy enough, a ‘Bama fan got me this one.

Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis

Formerly known as Southwest Texas State.

Who doesn’t love granola from time-to-time?

Sorry, bro’, guess you need to get me one for Navy.

Go Baptists!

Again with the local flavor.

Another school with a tiger as their mascot…but they may have been the first ones.

This is not known as “Cougar High” to Clyde Drexler.

Wisconsin is Tennessee’s latest victim. We beat the Badgers in the Outback Bowl this year.

What a great football year for the Bulls. And how is Tampa in “South” Florida?

The Alma mater of a certain Larry Bird.

This is for Michael Irvin, you know, in case he stops by the blog.

Robert Morris University is on a hill in Pittsburgh, PA.

Only a few people will get this. UNT is now known as Southlake U.

Great school equals great pennant.

This is for all the people I know in Kentucky and in case Ashley Judd stops by my blog. We used to live beside a post office in Waddy, Kentucky and its my understanding that she has been to that post office. Random? Of course…but cool to me.

University of Central Florida in Orlando. Good friend of the family took me there.

I just have to. “WE ARE…MARSHALL!!” If you haven’t, watch the movie.

This the largest pennant of the collection. AND I refuse to have one of equal size. It faces Logan too. He sees it every morning. Brain-washing? Maybe. 🙂

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk! I had a cool experience when I was picking up this pennant. I ran by the Fogg Allen Fieldhouse where KU plays their basketball games. Very cool to be in one of THE places for college basketball.

University of Missouri at Kansas City. Very cool plaza nearby. And LOVE Jack Stack Barbecue.

This must be where the money is. ATM?

Not far from Wrigley Field in Chicago.

This school has been dealing with issues with their mascot…the Indians. Amazing how things can be fine for so long, but someone gets offended all of a sudden. Wonder who started the uproar.

I picked a great year to get this pennant. They are doing real well in basketball. Pretty cool campus too.

One of the greatest mascots. The Spiders.

I was soooo very close to attending Carson-Newman. Great school.

Very cool stadium location.

I got a chance to see the largest stadium in the United States, the Big House. (Tennessee’s is still better.)

Located in the oddest spelled town, Ypsilanti.

Awesome mascot…The Anteaters!


One Response to “Pennants Collection”

  1. Stacy Wise Thompson Says:

    Hey Donny! Just had you guys in my thoughts and prayers this week and decided to check and see if you were still up on the website! Here you are! Your kids are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Praise God for them! 🙂 I am praying for health and possible surgeries in the future. Would love to catch up sometime! Lots to update I am sure! It’s great to see you all on here!!

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