God’s No Nightlight

And now for your regularly scheduled Liz update: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2011, in the year of our Lord, Elizabeth Erin Dixon had surgery to remove blood clots from the veins within her neck and shoulder. During said surgery, the doctor performing such a procedure also implanted a catheter within Liz’s chest that will be used for intravenous access, as needed. This was done because it is believe that the port in her shoulder, placed there a year ago, was one of the contributing factors to Liz’s reoccurring problems with blood clots in the neck and shoulder. Now, the port causing the problems has been removed.

As of the end of the surgery on Wednesday, which lasted for about two and a half hours, it was all a success. But truthfully, time will be the greatest test in determining the strength of that success. As far as recovery is concerned, Liz has not been doing well at all. Liz has experienced a great deal of pain last night, this morning, and most of the day. The doctors and nurses have continued to try and figure out the best solution when considering all the IV issues and the other medications Liz is currently receiving.

As far as a homecoming date is concerned, today, the hematologist suggested perhaps Monday. This is an optimistic time frame. Its in God’s hands. But it does appear that the kids and I will spending Mother’s Day with Liz at the hospital. Liz is very tired. The pain she is going through has kept her from sleeping. And when she does get a little bit of relief from the pain medication and can finally begin napping, someone walks in the door, keeping her from resting. Night number sixteen comes to a close.

I really want to sit here and type for awhile. I want to share about my day. I would like to talk about things going on in my life and sort of work them textually. But alas, its twenty minutes until midnight. Tomorrow will be another full day. But I will say that I smiled more today. I breathed a little deeper tonight. And I never really allowed the circumstances surrounding each area of my life to become too heavy. I found myself talking more to God today, and not even in petition form. I sought him out.

So, I’m headed to bed. Life continues to swirl, but going to sleep with a little more peace tonight; not because anything is really any better than last night, but I choosing to “let go.” Tomorrow is the only Friday I get this week, gotta get ready to live it fully.


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