“Jesus Loves Me This I Know…”

Aaaannndddd we’re  back…to where we started. With a new clot in the old place, surgery is planned for tomorrow, Friday, April 29th. “A day that shall live…”…nevermind.

There is some possible considering from the doctor to put in a new port in Liz’s chest and remove the older one. The new one isn’t done much, or by really anyone else, but this doctor has had success at putting in there in patients in California. Again, Liz needs a port, but one that won’t fight against her.

All Heparin has ceased. There is thought that the Heparin is reacting negatively, thus, allowing clots to  form when it suppose to be doing the exact opposite. And it used to work for her, but not any longer.

So, Liz’s right arm is in a lot of pain. Her hand goes numb. Her neck is swollen and she can’t swallow. The extra fluid around her heart is still present. And the clot in the left shoulder and the left side of her neck are still blocking all blood flow.

Liz is a little nervous and greatly frustrated. The moment she thought she was turning the corner, she is sent back to the operating room, the recovery room, and another night in ICU.

Easter has passed, but the celebration continues. The only way there is any sort of hope for healing and an end to this cycle is that victory has already been claimed. No matter where defeat is sensed, it is merely temporary for those that know the Truth. This is no game. There are no timeouts or pause buttons. When life punches you square in the face, what are you going to do? Exhaustion, depression, and situational numbness are purely symptoms of allowing a choice to be made for you.

I don’t know when this crazy life of the Dixon’s is going to end. It has to be exhausting and downright tiring to continue reading about all the ups and downs and sideways we are going through. Its time you got to pray for someone else for a change. But I thank you.

Too tired tonight to go much further with the thoughts rattling around inside, but did want to update the world on what was going on. I’ll write when I can over the next several days. Thank you for all the comments on the blog, on Facebook, in e-mails, and via text. Great reminders that this isn’t a battle for two.

Whether you really know Him or not, “Jesus Loves YOU This I Know…”


One Response to ““Jesus Loves Me This I Know…””

  1. Continued praise, prayer, and more praise to our Father and to our Lord for you two and you seven as you faithfully persevere in faith. And yes, we continue to share the praises to Him and your need and request for prayers with many.

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