Prayers Are Love Letters

Tonight’s update is not as optimistic as I had hoped it would be. It is 7:10pm (CST) right now. Liz is down in radiology having her right arm scanned. For the last six hours, her arm as been tight, as if something has been cutting off the blood circulation. Liz said that her hand has turned purple several times.

Also, the chest pains are back, not that they ever went away, but they are just as strong before. The doctor feels that she more than likely has small blood clots that are not picking up on any kind of scan they have done of her chest, but those can be just as painful.

Liz’s blood is not cooperating at her. Her INR (again, this is the level that helps indicate how thick her blood is) has gone down, instead of up. Meaning? Her blood is getting thicker when it needs to become thinner. Her white blood cell count was low this morning, but within the “normal” range. The doctor still believes Liz is bleeding out somewhere, but just not sure where. Perhaps this arm thing can be an explanation.

She has had two bags of blood and quite possibly a third is to come. She has had at least two bag of potassium and that level is still low. Liz has also been an anemic basically this whole hospital stay.

Tonight is night number eight. And as of right now, nine looks probable and ten is lurking. Please pray for Liz. Between bad nurses, poor care, gross food, and being far from home, this hasn’t been an easy stay for her. Hail storms, all-night interruptions, and the beeping of the IV pump to keep her company, Liz also needs prayers to help her maintain the spirit that our God is watching over her and and protecting her and is in the process of healing her.

Every time it seems we are getting close, a new problem arises. Not sure what’s going to come of this whole arm thing or blood thing, but at least this time, they aren’t rushing things. I have been in touch with her nurse, the floor charge nurse, the nurse supervisor for the hospital, and the patient representative for the hospital. They all know Liz by name now. Its time something changes. Its time people start thinking outside their daily rounds and routines. Its time for prayer to make a difference. Its time for God to shine.

I am asking for these prayers be specifically prayed:
A.) Pray for Liz’s spirits to remain high and that she stay encouraged, strengthened, and hopeful.
B.) Pray for doctors and nurses to think bigger than the normal. Pray for guidance, wisdom, patience, and understanding.
C.) Pray for nurses that they may tend to Liz the way they would want their loved one cared for.
D.) Pray for healing. But that it would ONLY come if/when GOD gets the glory for it. He may choose to use medicine or doctor or time, but whatever the method, that He still receives our praise for the healing.

I wish to share my heart and my life, but will do that in a separate post. This needed to be about Liz and how you can be involved in her care. And with all that I am, I thank you.


2 Responses to “Prayers Are Love Letters”

  1. Steve Boyett Says:

    praying for Liz.

  2. Asking all these things and more of our Father, by and for His will, honor & glory, in Jesus’ name, by faith, early and all day long.

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