Purposed People

Raindrops from a cloudless sky. A bright light in a dark-filled life. Eyeful of hope at the end of a trying day. When people seek to live their purpose, there are opportunities to experience the joys of life. Though the thunder my roll and the lightning may streak, the stone was still rolled away. I am here; we are here because the purpose was worth the death.

Today started at 3am. The alarm sounded and I woke alone. A home is just a home when the ones we love aren’t there to complete it. Got ready in the dark and made my way through the parking lot. The streets were quiet and the wind danced alone. Before long, the night would give way to the day and its plans.

I met up with a friend for a quick bro hug and a public prayer time in a Whataburger parking lot. God loves to meet us at eating facilities. And then I was off. Down the road, radio on, wondering how this day would end. And how I would get there.

At 4:56am, I walked into Liz’s room. She was turned on her side, facing the door, under two, white, hospital blankets. The lights from her IV pump shadowed her face in red and green. It was dark. The television was off. She was alone. Or so it appeared.

For the next three and a half hours, we waited. We talked. We watched TV. She slept. The nurse and the tech came and went. No word on Liz’s surgery. I started my day early for this? I rushed to be at her side because the nurses had told Liz that it would be sometime early Saturday morning. Due to traumas and organs that needed to be harvested, Liz was bumped to late in the day.

A little after 12:30pm, the transport guy came and got her to take her down to the operating room. A touch before 2pm, the doctor stuck his head into the surgery waiting room, where Liz’s mom and I were waiting, and said they were about to start. He said it would take an hour and a half to two hours.

Two and a half hours later, he finally arrived back in the waiting room. The surgery was a success. He was able to remove all of the clot in the right side of her neck. He was also able to remove some of the clot that was in her shoulder. But post-surgery, for three minutes, Liz had the reaction she has had in the past; that of seizure-like activity. After that was over, they were able to get her into a room in ICU. There she was nauseated and in a great amount of pain. With medication and time, that eventually subsided.

Tonight, Liz is doing much better. The nausea has been curbed and the pain is being managed. Liz will awake in the morning, Easter morning, in a hospital bed, by herself, in a hospital miles from home. But with such a story comes great responsibility. Facing such giants, one slingshot stone is needed. Faith of things to come is far greater than attempting to make things happen on our own. Liz’s healing is coming. ‘Nough said!

More surgeries are being discussed in Liz’s future. But really, God’s plans only He knows until He decides to reveal them to us…….You know what,…I’m done. I am done with the feeling of being defeated. I am very tired and I have had to work at getting Liz the care that she deserves today. This day has pushed me; but, I get to decide in what direction. Change of plans…its time I count the victories. Its time I see God’s hand in the mix. Its time I choose victory over burdens.

In the morning, we celebrate the rising of a Son before His Father. We announce the King taking His place at the side of our God. For tomorrow is Easter. Christmas doesn’t matter if Easter doesn’t happen. Friday never exists with Good in front of it, if Sunday doesn’t conquer death itself. The beaten and broken becomes the healed and whole. He is the Lover of my soul and the Sustainer of my life. I see His face in everyone I know. I know His touch by every loving hug. I know the size of His love in the blood-stained cross. Laughter, Brotherhood, Successful surgeries, “I love you, Daddy”‘s, and God-sized High Fives need to fill my day.

So, tonight I celebrate, for I know tomorrow’s outcome. I will lead my family accordingly. I am done with the sad face and troubled heart. I promise to wake tomorrow morning with a love in my heart for people that I know and for those I will soon meet.

“God…I am a fickle little man. I trouble you with the pettiest of things. I keep trivial choices from you. And then, when I have run far enough, I sprint back, hope to see your arms wider than that of the cross. Hear me, O Lord, Hear the words of my heart as they proclaim love for you. May your ears ring of a peace I can’t explain. May you eyes see a heart that you recognize from 1979. And may You be blessed by me, my family, my church, and the future of Your Kingdom.

May tomorrow be a new beginning. A day when we as people, live out the life purposed for each one of us.

Easter IS Winning.


3 Responses to “Purposed People”

  1. kirklongo Says:

    Donny, I am awed by your faith and your love for your wife and family. You are an inspiration and incredible writer.

  2. Praising & worshipping our Risen Lord for all this, and for all that is, was and for All He has promised will forever be. Thank you son for allowing Him to work, to speak and to use you to bring the message for my personal Son-Rise service here this morning. Never-ending love, praise & prayers. And a Blessed Easter Seven Times Over to each of you. Dad

    • Henry Fields Says:

      Thank You for an inspiring and uplifting account of a difficult and long struggle. Pleasse know that I will be praying for you, your wife and family as you continue the journey with renewed determination and faith.

      Henry Fields

      Toccoa, Georgia

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