Does God Whistle While He Works?

The Donny in me wants to say that today has been a stressful and nerve-wracking day. God in me questions such an emotion. I am not blind enough, dumb enough, or so disconnected from reality enough to think that life is all snow cones and dryer sheets. Life can appear to heavy, hairy, and scary. You take inventory and sometimes it is as if you are walking alone. You scream, but no one appears. You battle yourself behind closed doors. And when the time comes, when someone is genuinely wanting to care for your heart, you brush them off with an, “Oh, I’ll be fine.”

How many times have we walked into a store, had something sort of in mind that we want, but when a sales clerk approaches and offers their help, we send them away with an “I’m just looking.” Too many times, I have given God, and/or someone He sends my way, the cold shoulder. And then, when life is falling apart, and we have our finger on the panic button, we wonder why He hasn’t shown up and rescued us.

Oh, but He has. We just don’t recognize our Father any more. We have sent Him packing so many times, that sometimes, we don’t even bother looking up. There is a chasing, a pursuing, that has to take place if there is ever going to be a loving relationship between us and our God. He has made Himself available. He has sent love letter after love letter. There’s that guy that always hugs you and says he loves you. There’s that woman that always looks you square in the eyes, as if she is staring at your heart, and asks you how you’re doing. God’s around…very, very around. But when we are in the midst of hardships, struggles, and fears, we start to scream and yell for God; when all along, He’s been at our side. I think sometimes I am guilty for confusing His hand on my shoulder as being the weight of the world. His squeeze is that strong. His love is that big. And His desire for us is that real.

Tonight is number six for Liz this time around. Many of you have gone through every hospital stay with us. Many of you have been praying with us ever since you heard about the quintuplets. But even you are praying for Liz for the very first time…thank you. Thank you for putting aside your work, your needs, your struggles, your battles, and your time to go to God with a signed petition. Your name is at the bottom of that prayer, interceding for another of God’s own.

Liz is hurting again. Her chest is still heavy and painful. Her tongue has now gotten numb and “weird feeling.” She is very, VERY tired. Between the pain, other patients yelling, nurses and techs checking on her, and the constant need for more tests, she sleeps very little. I am still asking that you pray for her. I desperately want to ask you to pray for specifics, but instead, I want you to pray God’s will be done. His timing, His healing, His plan…thus it will be His praise, His answer, and His worship. His knows our hearts, desires, and wants. He even wants us to voice them to Him, but He wants us to relinquish control. Let God work!!! Let God be in charge. That whistling you hear is God working all things for our good. BECAUSE we love Him. We don’t have to know the plan, nor the outcome to know that its all going to work out.

Lots of people have offered help and wanted to do what they could. This is the help. Prayer changes things and I am asking you to pray. I am asking you to be a game-changer. There is too much going on in life for us to be sidelined. Pray that healing takes place so that life more abundant can be just that. Now’s the time. This is it. Big picture: there is little time left. For all of us. What are we doing? Life isn’t some parade with the occasional big balloon, or some local band or even a big red fire engine. We have to stop sitting and watching. Praying gets us in the game when we aren’t called into the action. The breakdown starts when we are jealous of others that are out there.

Hiccups, hang-nails, and ingrown hairs will happen. So will surgeries, car wrecks, and pipe bursts. Life is full and dynamic and worth the day-to-day “grind.” Lean on others. Big or small, let others walk with you.

You know you’re blessed when you sound the horn and those who love you come running. I pray I can be even half the man my friends are. I pray I can be at least  a sampling of a friend that others have been to me. I love my God for He has loved me first. And in turn, I love you for He has loved you first.



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