Prayers In The Streetlight

…it is 2:13 in the morning. The street is dark and still, except for a white plastic bag blowing along the curb in the restless breeze. The stars are shadowed by the dimly lit streetlights. There is no moon tonight…She’s four years-old. Her hair is beautifully dark, but matted by days of no bath or care. She is barefooted, with an open sore on her right foot. She is dirty, smells of the street, and has several visible bruises from being hit by strangers that view her as a disgrace to her city. This little girl’s name is ____________ and she is very real.

…he likes dogs and cars. Oh, and loves soccer. A stranger gave him a small cup of ice cream the other day and his smile returned, briefly. If his eyes could speak, they would tell of abuse he has seen to his mother and sister. His eyes would tell you of how hard he cried when his father never returned for him the day they went to the market for food. He has slept next to other boys at night, trying to stay warm; and safe. He is scratched up because he ran from a store owner, who caught him stealing a tortilla. His name is ________________ and he hasn’t seen his sister (above) in 8 months.

Almost six years ago, I held  four human beings that I called son and daughters. I committed to being their father before I knew them. I already had a son that had completely stolen my heart; and haven’t asked for it back ever since. To imagine never ever ever ever ever seeing them again…it is devastating. So, why don’t I live like it? How come there are times when I am an abrasive, over-bearing father instead of a caring and loving daddy? Yes, I need to discipline them and teach them and grow them…but lovingly, with grace and mercy, that my Father and father have shown me.

As many may know, I was in Honduras for the second time last June. I returned to the site where my church has committed to building a self-sustaining orphanage. There is an ever-increasing worldwide epidemic of abandoned, abused, and abdicated children. From a percentage stand-point, within the Western hemisphere, Honduras is in the top three countries with this overwhelming issue. I have laid eyes on their broken hearts, their restless eyes, and their wariness of my hug. Some of the children hug and don’t let go, while the others, are afraid to be hit even one more time. Yes, I want to be a part of building a home where this is no longer a reality. I desperately want to help provide a place where the hope of a loving God isn’t a fantasy. Too often times, my God is a commodity to me. I use Him when I need Him and FAIL to live for Him or by Him. I have been given a purpose in my existence. And I am no different from the little girl saying her prayers in the street light.

Bear with me as I share with you why I am asking you to help me return to Honduras this August. Last Friday night, at the invitation of a friend,I  took my three daughters to a local church for a daddy/daughter dance. A year ago, I wouldn’t have truly gotten the importance of such a moment. But then, in June, on a sunny Wednesday morning, I reached into a crib and gathered into my arms a little girl who would eventually change the life of my family. As I have written before, I never learned her name, but I call her “Baby Grace.” After two seconds of holding her, I realized that Grace was soaking wet. She needed to be changed and as I took one step towards the changing table, I felt a tug on my chest. Looking down, she had a fistful of my t-shirt and her eyes were already getting heavy with sleep. I knew for the next little while, I was not letting go of a little Honduran girl who needed me. I was not her daddy, brother, grandfather, or uncle. I was a man with a purpose…to love one of God’s own. I spent 45 minutes with Baby Grace that day…learning every facial feature so that I would never forget the little Honduran girl who made me a better daddy to Madison, Candice, and Samantha. I got back on the yellow school bus, made my way to the back, sat in one of those big green school bus seats and cried. I cried and asked for forgiveness from my God for not being a better father to my children. And I thanked Him for hurting my heart with a pain that was life-changing. To those sitting around me, I committed out loud to be a better daddy to Logan, Hudson, Madison, Candice, and Samantha.

Later that evening in Honduras, the team I was with from my church gathered in the upper room for worship. We sang a song titled “I Am Not Forgotten.” I can’t sing worth a flip, but that night,…I sang my heart out for Grace. Each of those children, and those around the world, have a purpose that matches mine. And that is to live in worship of a living and loving God. I want to return to Honduras to be a part of helping children of all ages achieve that purpose. And maybe, just maybe, the adults, here and there, that witness the transformation of those little lives and in my own life, will want what I have found.

So, I am asking you to help me. I am asking you to partner with me. This is a big deal to the Dixon family. But it is a bigger deal to Promise Home Orphanage. I realize I am asking for money to help finance a trip to another country when times are tough for my own family and perhaps in your own. But this isn’t about me, my family or anything other than surviving where and how I have been called. But if some extra cash isn’t there to give, and even if there is, I am asking for your prayers. Pray that we (our church in partnership with several other churches and groups) are able to finish this project very soon to begin bringing in children that need a God-loving home. Pray that I am able to go. This will be my third trip and every time I return home, I come back with a better knowledge of who God is. I ask that you give what you can so that I am able to give of myself.

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One Response to “Prayers In The Streetlight”

  1. Praising our Father for this project and praying for all He plans to do in and through you and in and through each one who gives of themselves in any way to His plans. “1 Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God, and everyone who loves the Father loves whoever has been born of him. 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments. 3For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.” I john 5:1-3

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