Long Arms, Long Legs

These days, it just seems that God is using every opportunity to talk to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have needed this. I have wanted this. For awhile, He felt like a safety net…a stop-gap. But hearing others talk about a real relationship with a living God…a Creator, nonetheless. I didn’t know how to get to Him. Yeah sure, pray or going to church or just hanging with others that seemed to know Him (God by osmosis), but how I was trying to get to the next level. My God needed to be interactive and not perched up somewhere too high and out of reach and touch. I am getting there. And now that we’re getting closer, He’s always around.

There are times when I truly feel that He is laughing with me. Some funny moment, when my smile and laughter are genuine, I have this confirmation that He is getting a kick out of my enjoyment of the moment. I think there are times when He shakes His head at my words or actions. And anymore, I think He is really getting a kick at the places He decides to talk to me.

This morning, after finding warmer clothes for the kids to wear, it was time to head out for school. I grabbed the two bags of trash as the kids grabbed their backpacks. As we got closer to the car in the parking lot, I hit the unlock button twice and told Logan to open the door so the quads could get in. I proceeded to the dumpster. This particular dumpster is one of the smaller ones with the diagonal lids, about four feet from the ground. I saw that one of the two lids was open and thus, from about 8 feet out, simply tossed the two bags in. And then we were off to school.

Got back to the apartment and realized I didn’t have my wallet. I searched around for a while and then decided to check the aforementioned dumpster. As I approached it, I begin to smile my jacked up, crooked smile. I just knew that I was going to find it in there. And sure enough, there, a little to the left, sitting in sitting in some sort of plastic bin is my wallet.

I realize that to retrieve the sucker, I’m gonna have to jump in there. So, I do what any self-respecting guy would do…I look around to make sure no one is around to see this. With coast clear, I heave myself up to the lip of the dumpster. Now that I am up there, I need to figure out where to jump and step, as to not fall amongst the backs of trash, sticky food particles, and foul-odor producing liquids from the corner. I didn’t throw up, but there was definite dry-heavage.

Finally, I hopped down and grabbed the wallet. Now, at this point, the story would be really good if I told you that at that very moment, the garbage truck pulled up and began to raise the dumpster for emptying. But, this was thankfully not the case. But for a solid two seconds, a sermonesque talking from God ran through my mind. He told me to look where I was. So much is going on in my life and yet, I chose to throw myself amongst the trash of others. At that moment, I was surrounded by filth, by choice. Everywhere I looked, junk discarded from the lives of others. And yet, the only place I could look and not see trash, was up. Focusing upwards, I could breathe, see clearly, and cleaned of everything that didn’t represent want up was all about. To get out of my current situation, had to go up. And for that reason, I began to thank God for long arms and long legs. I was hurdle over junk in my way and shimmy out of this Hell smell-alike hole.

As I move forward throughout the rest of my day, I’m going to be looking up. Sunny or cloudy, warm or cool…I have a direct view of Heaven, if I’ll keep my focus where it should be. And yes, there is no possible way I can keep that gaze, alone. I will need the help of many. And it’s not necessarily cause life gets tough or to heavy to carry. No, it’s because I get selfish and begin to turn inward. I think God’s purpose for talking to me this morning is to remind me that He is always with me, no matter the amount of trash I surround myself with, BUT, that He belongs up there.

“I love you.”


One Response to “Long Arms, Long Legs”

  1. Interesting. This blog seems to be a direct result of your desire/commitment at the end of your previous blog, “Lives Illustrated”. He is faithful.

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