Where To Find Me

Right this very moment, for those that know the area, I am sitting in the car on the dirt road between Eldorado Parkway and Rockhill Road. My very first post on Dixon Stadium was about Rockhill Road. And again, here I find myself.

Today is one of those days where God is talking to me all day long. I sat with other drivers as we waited for a train to pass. A few hours later, I am offered a job. And now, I am sitting out here in the country…listening.

Ever been outside on those odd days when it seems as if it is sunny all around you, but yet its raining? Today is that day. There’s not a single cloud in the sky and I can see a ways from here. Its raining because Liz is back in the ER this afternoon. She has a real bad infection that her doctor said would only resolve itself with IV medication.

About eight feet from the car, the field has been made ready for the seeds. All around the field are trees and weeds. Sunshine above and prepared soil below. Today, I am the field. Spring is coming and with it, the harvest. I am just not sure how many springs it will take for this harvest to be ripe for the taking.

I guess now, I need to ask for water. I need to ask for those that have been at my side. I need to learn how to ask for help. I need to learn how to grow with help and stop attempting the feat of life-change quietly. Giving others bits and pieces isn’t the recipe for growth. Sure, here and there, I can manage, but more often than not, getting others to ride this ride with me is going to be key.

I don’t know how long Liz will be sick. I don’t know if and when there will be another sickness, illness, disease, or problem. I don’t know how these other issues will be resolved. The field doesn’t know when the planting will take place. Nor does the field know when the harvest will happen. But it is at the ready.

So, this afternoon, I am once again asking for prayer. My family and I are not in need of petty pleas to God. What I am certain of is that my wife needs bold prayers. Prayers that actually ask for something, knowing that is going to answer and answer with authority. I have a friend that cried himself to sleep at night due to worrying about his wife. I know men that are left wandering because they are lost in fields that have been forgotten. I refuse to allow my family to be denied an answer to pain and suffering and longing. It may take a while for the answer to be given, but because it is the right answer, we will wait.

I am going to go pick up my children now. When they all get in the car, they will ask two questions: “Where are we going?” (because they love running the crazy life WITH me) and “Is mommy at home?” (because they are used to her not being there. They have become accustomed to visiting mommy at the hospital or waiting for her to come home from the doctor. And today, my answer will be “Mommy is getting better at the hospital.” Knowing full well that it is in God’s hands whether she is or isn’t. The hardest prayer to pray is that His will be done over my opinions.”

The kids and I will spend some time outside in this incredible weather. We will play and run around and enjoy being together. We will not sulk at the cards on the table nor will we fight over the silliest of things. But instead, I want to lead them down a road, with open fields on each side and explain to them, they too are fields.

God, ready me. Arm me. If I am ever on top again, may such success be shadowed by my knowledge of your mercies. I am not there yet. I know not where you’re taking me and why you chose this open field, but you know where to find me.

Pray for me.


3 Responses to “Where To Find Me”

  1. Praying to God, in Christ’s name, for Liz, you, your brother-in-Christ, Logan, Hud, Maddie, Candi and Sam and praising Him for His overcoming presence and eternal promise… Love, praise & prayers – Dad

  2. Prayed and praying’ DD…love you bro-ness!

  3. Amazing blog Donnie! You are truly a talented and gifted child of God. Thank you for sharing.

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