Not A Mini Me; A Better Than Me

Everyone knows the question “If you could have dinner with five people in history, who would they be (past or present)?” There is no doubt in my mind that one of the five would be my son Logan. I like to think that sometimes I can be a passionate person. I have deep-rooted opinions and attachments to different aspects of my life. But Logan, he IS passionate about life. Witnessing God’s active molding of my son brings me to my knees.

Logan made his presence known six years ago with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, twice. It took a few minutes before Liz and I heard the absolute greatest cry of our lives. Logan was born perfectly normal except for a bad kidney that the doctors had been monitoring once a week throughout the pregnancy. A month into his life on earth, having been born with two kidneys, we would learn that Logan would live the rest of his life with one functional kidney. The bad kidney had ceased to work at all and thus, had ceased to exist. His body was able to rid itself of that bad functioning organ on its own and Logan has never had surgery for it or for that matter, has never had any issues with it. Looking back to that time, I see God using the miracle of my first-born to prepare me for the Miracle (Four) More.

See, Logan is the typical six year-old boy. He loves to be loud, run around, and knows how to take full advantage of any sugar-intake. But Logan also LOVES to help others, he has never met a stranger, he appreciates schedules/routines, and is very inquisitive. Being the biased parent that I am, I foresee Logan doing something great, substantial, and purpose-filled. He is driven, but doesn’t push others to the side. Yes, I get that he is only six. But when you watch his brown eyes consider what you’re saying or when you hear him talking to Hudson about why we do this or that in such the most patient and calm voice, you can begin to understand the greatness that is Logan Chase.

Too often times, I have been the recipient of Logan’s maturity level. Whenever Liz has had to be hospitalized, Logan has been my right-hand man. Meals, laundry, cleaning house, toys, and just hang time, Logan was there. It’s incredible the sense of calm that is had when you sense God telling you, “I knew this was going to happen, that’s why I gave you a son. A son with the heart of a servant.”

Logan’s heart, care, love, patience, understanding, willing to serve, pursuit of knowledge, joy-filled personality are all evidence that he was created in God’s image. Logan’s impact on his family and on those that know him is only the beginning of great things to come. Logan was not created to be a wallflower. He may not impact the whole world, but he will impact the world of a whole one, beginning with me.

“God, may you never stop pursuing after Logan. May his life be a reflection of your grace and mercy and above all, love. Use Logan to make yourself known to others. His ability to engage others, I pray is used for good. His infectious smile, may it be a sign of your joy and peace within him. And may his willingness to do for others be a door in which he is able to share of your personal sacrifice. God, you need to know that I am face down before you at the thought that a son like Logan was given to me. If Logan is this great, I can’t wait to meet his Maker. Thank you, Lord, for blessing my life through the hugs, smiles, and the “I love you, Daddy”s.”

To know  the love I have for my son is such a small portion when compared to the love that God has for each one of us. Today is Logan’s birthday and we celebrate another year of life, of accomplishments, and of growth. But how much more does God celebrate each and every day that we choose to live not just for Him, but actually with Him. I have years to go before I am fully there and I don’t expect to get there while I’m a living man. His greatness will never be contained. In the end, I’m going to have to ask God the same question Logan asks me just about everyday; “God/Daddy, are you proud of me?”

Yes, Logan, I am VERY proud of you!


3 Responses to “Not A Mini Me; A Better Than Me”

  1. I thought about you guys several times yesterday and I remembered that today was Logan’s day as well (I will always remember going up to the hospital to see Liz the day the quads were born, which also happens to be Rob’s birthday!). I pray for you guys often…tell all the munchkins we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sending lots of prayers your way!!

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Now that’s what I call celebratin’ a birthday. I’ll never forget walking backwards to watch Logan who had stopped to look at something and gotten a few steps behind me. When he saw me walking backwards he turned around, in flip-flpos, and did the coolest little backwards walk, at two years of age. I laughed ’til I cried and he just grinned as if to say, “nuttin’ to it”. Hugs and High Fives from Nana & Pops!

  3. It makes me extremely happy for you, for the blessing you have realized in your life, for the blessing of Logan. It also makes me Praise God for creating a Father like you for Logan. Afterall, Logan is just a chip off the old block!

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