Honduras: Small Country, Big Need

 To Whom It Should Concern:

Last August, I had the opportunity to go to Honduras on a mission trip with  people I hardlyknew. The trip was designed to prepare property that was bought to build Promise Home, an orphanage for abused, neglected, and forgotten children. While there, we had the opportunity to share the reason for hope to kids and families in public schools. I have recently been asked to return this year, with the same church, now our home church, to continue the work. This year, we are taking two different groups that will focus on the children of Honduras. During both trips, the construction of Promise Home Orphanage will make some great headway. Promise Home will be built over the next few years and we have committed to taking as many trips necessary to see that these kids have a safe place of hope ad love. The first trip arrives July 18th the second trip arrives July 25th

Our group is sponsored by North Texas Missions (NTM), which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 Christian organization from Frisco, Texas. North Texas Missions has been leading mission trips to Central America since 2005 and in 2006 embarked on the mission to build Promise Home Orphanage in Honduras. More info can be found at www.northtexasmissions.org

While in Honduras, we will stay at a local orphanage serving as our base camp for the week. Each day we will break into teams and go to a local village. One team will conduct a full Vacation Bible School during the morning at a local school, and then conduct a Sports Camp in the afternoon. Through this, we will have the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of children throughout the week. The second team will spend the day at Promise Home Orphanage working on variety of construction projects as they prepare to begin receiving hundreds of abused and abandoned children. Additionally, we will also go into the villages to distribute rice and beans as a way of showing our support for the community and looking for opportunities to share God’s love. The true purpose of this trip is to meet the community’s physical and spiritual needs by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the Vacation Bible School, Sports Camps, and evangelism teams we will be providing short messages to everyone about how God loves each one of us.  Last year, two things occurred that made my trip memorable for the rest of my life. The first incident happened on the second day. The team member that was leading the sports camps tossed me a soccer ball as we were loading up the bus for the day to head back to our base camp. After I caught it, he looked at me and told me to go back into the school and give the ball to the principal. As I walked back through the school yard, I had kids of all ages practically hanging on my arms begging for the ball. I made it to the door and the principal greeted me there. He looked down at the ball and then back at me…he started crying as I handed him the brand new soccer ball. It was a soccer ball!!!! And yet, it could have been a feast. I will never forget the look of true humility and thankfulness in the man’s eyes. The second event that took place was personal. I was broken, physically. I got severely dehydrated. But through being cared for by others and being forced to rest, I had a chance to listen to God…something I hadn’t taken time for in a long time. It took me flying to another country to make time for God. I refuse to find myself in such a rut again. I am returning this year to share the same love I felt my last time down.

The reason for my letter is that I would like two things from you. First and foremost I need your prayers. It’s through the power of prayer that my trip will be safe and successful. In addition to prayers, I am asking those that are able to support my trip financially. The cost of the trip is $1295.  

There are two methods to donate if you are able to give. You can pay online through Google checkout by going to http://www.genesismetro.org/support.asp?name=DonnyDixon or you can write a check payable to Genesis Metro Church Honduras 2009, include my name on a separate sheet of paper so that your donation is tax deductible. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

So in advance, I just want to say thank you for your prayers and any financial gift you can provide. Upon my return I look forward to sharing with you the impact your support made on my life as well as the children of Honduras.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions!

In The Grip of His Grace,

Donny Dixon


Here is the address to address your envelopes:

Genesis Metro Church, Honduras 2009

3101 Nighthawk Lane

Little Elm, TX 75068


One Response to “Honduras: Small Country, Big Need”

  1. NanaPops Says:

    After having planned & led probably around a hundred volunteer team projects over the past 19 yrs & participating in many more, I have to say this sounds like as well-planned a project as I’ve ever heard of. The varied opportunities for loving & helping different people as the Bible & Christ himself taught while not forgetting to share the most important “Good News” in the history of creation, a restored love relationship with our Creator through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord is perfect. Your teammates & their families, and all the children, teens and adults you all will meet or impact through those you meet, have our prayers and support through the weeks, months & years ahead as you “Don’t grow tired in doing good…”. Pray for us here in Lisbon as we help begin a new feeding program for the homeless & sharing HIS love, in three locations on the streets of Lisbon this coming Tues. nt. at 9 p.m.

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