Magic Eye

I have always been fascinated with mind-tricks and brain-teasers. I enjoy optical illusions and the genius of magic tricks. So, it is no wonder that I enjoy those pictures that you have to look at very closely and very steadily in order to see the hidden images.

Lately, I have seen my life transform into some sort of mind-bending optical illusion. Is what I am looking at and experiencing exactly what is going on? Now, with that being said, I recognize that my life is just that. It is not my death, but rather, my life. Though it can be exhausting to wake up in one time zone, fly to another, see my quadruplets for 15 minutes before handing them over to someone else and then find myself at my wife’s bedside while we wonder if the pulmonologist punctured her lung while trying to insert her central line; it just was not what I an completely envisioned for my day.

I had some time today to think about what I was going to write tonight. I will update you on Liz’s condition first, since that is what most readers are wanting to find out and then I will return to blogging about my life.

Liz is resting. She is now on a clear-liquid diet. The pain she is experiencing is still fairly high, but it is surgical pain. Before I left her room tonight, she was sure to tell me that she does already feel better than she did before the surgery. The surgery itself was a success and was able to take care of the problem. She will more than likely be able to return home on Friday. She will still need prayer that her blood cooperates in the recovery process. All vitals were where they needed to be. So, today was a success.

My mom and dad are about to be asleep in the mission house they are staying at in Richardson, Texas. My wife is recovering in the hospital. I got to say goodnight to the boys, but my princesses were all fast asleep. Aside from the dishwasher that is running, the house is fairly quiet. Some Sirius Smooth Jazz is playing on the TV. This is me breathing. This is me recognizing that the ‘Magic Eye’ of my life is seeing my life being looked after by the One that created it.

Tonight, I am tired of thinking. I am fairly tired of feeling. I am tired of worrying and stressing. I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I have never lived tomorrow…should be an interesting day.


3 Responses to “Magic Eye”

  1. Donny and Liz, we are glad the surgery was a success and pray that Liz will have a full and rapid recovery and get back to doing what she loves doing – being a wife and a mother to her precious 5! We are lifting you, Donny, as you have had sooooo many added responsibilities! Enjoy your Mom and Dad while they are there! Maybe we will see them – we arrive in November. Abraços

  2. Know I am with you all in spirit and my prayers and thoughts are always close in mind. I miss and love you all.

  3. Karrie Anderson Says:

    I think I found your blog off of your wife’s and her’s through the first website you guys put up about the quads. I’m pretty sure it was my mom who told me the news – and now they are so big!! I wanted you to know that a fellow MK is praying for you and your family. It seems so flippant at times to say “I’m praying” but that is when we look at what we are capable of doing and we have lost sight of the fact that we are praying to the God of the universe who has all power, mercy and grace. So I will continue to pray.
    Karrie Nickerson Anderson

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