Pain: A Way of Life

For those of you who thought that praying for our family was a one-time deal, you were mistaken. They say that the only thing that is certain is change. I wish that were true medically.

Liz has not slept. It is 6:55 in the morning and not ten minutes have passed by with her catching a glimpse of shut-eye. I laid down at 4:11 this morning because my body was just fighting my brain and heart. Liz continues to fight severe pain. Pain pills are not even helping to take the edge off.

She has a doctor’s appointment this morning. The pessimist/realist in me says that she won’t be coming home after this appointment. It seems to me that she will end up having a procedure done that was attempted last week. But, what in the world do I know. I know God IS in control, even though everything on the outside seems to fall into some chasm of chaos.

I love playing nurse. Whether it is administering drugs, or giving shots, or changing a dressing, I can handle this stuff. But I am very, very, very tired of the unknown when it comes to “what’s next with Liz.” All of this is unfair to five little people that need the nurturing of a mother. What is God’s point of giving us 5 kids if He is going to take her from them so often? That’s right…no need to question God, He’s got my back.

I hope to be proven wrong. I hate being wrong and I always want to win. But, this is, this is a lot. There are individuals and families going through way more than I/we are. Medical issues, financial issues, and crisis of all kinds. There are families that don’t care, talk, or hug. There are families that don’t believe in God or at least believe in the right god.

You know, all the good television shows these days have incredible theme music. They might have some great opening song that when you hear it, it makes you smile and for that brief moment, everything is right in your life. Then there are scenes within the show where no one is talking, you are on the verge of crying or having your heart tugged at while watching some character go through something. It is as if I am standing on the sidelines of my own life, hearing an acoustic guitar and some guy singing about how times are tough.

Liz will get better. It may take time, but she’ll get there. The kids will continue to grow up, grow smarter, and become the adults God has created them to be. Aside from these things, I have no idea of the timing nor process in which any of it will occur. So, if you would, again (anyone hear a broken record), I ask that you pray for Liz and the doctor’s involved. Pray for healing and protection from all other maladies. Oh, and be sure to pray those things with faith, believing God is already answering these prayers.


5 Responses to “Pain: A Way of Life”

  1. Likewise. Still w/ you all, in force, from here in Portugal. Trying to keep up as we pray. See you all Wednesday!

  2. Hang in there! You and Liz can make it through ANYTHING!!

  3. I love you and miss you. And love the way you write. Thanks for touching my heart. 🙂

  4. Ben & Berdie Hope Says:

    Hi Donny and Liz, We’re praying for you from here in Alabama. May the Lord work miracles in Liz’s health, as He has in your children’s health! May this be the last time for a LONG time that she will have to be hospitalized! The Lord bless you and keep you!

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