One Frustrated Christian

I want answers and I want them now. I want to know what is being done immediately to resolve the problems that are ailing Liz. I want to live out James 1:2-6, but when wall after wall is put in front of me, it gets a little old.

I went to see Liz this morning. I was there in time to visit with the doctor and ask some of my own questions. It is nice to have some reassurance in some areas as well as clarity in others. Another favorite rant of mine is communication. He and I were on the same page after he left.

But then, Liz had to go downstairs to have something done. I was told she would return in an hour. She did return, 2 hours and 45 minutes later. The reason for the delay was not due to her case, but rather due to a problem with another patient. SO TELL SOMEBODY!!! Oh that’s right, I should just accept the fact that it is common for things to fall behind in a medical facility. Let us all just sit and wonder what is going on. Picking up the phone and spending 15 seconds to explain the situation is tough in this day and age.

I digress. Liz continues to fight pain and infection. As a believer in spiritual warfare, there seems to be a steady wave of attacks pointed in her direction. But, I dare not ask God when is enough enough. I am so not about to test God on how long He is willing to let this ride. I am only frustrated because I am limited by my own understanding. I feel as if I could relate to the Apostle Paul when he wrote to the Corinthians about his weaknesses and relaying that God’s grace is sufficient to overcome such flaws. The least I understand or have, when provision comes, I won’t be able to do anything but thank God.

I am throwing my hands up, like a rider does with the reins on the back of a horse. I will have zero to very little impact on the outcome of this situation. Thank goodness for that because otherwise, I know I’d screw this all up. We have at least three very capable doctors overseeing her care now; not to mention the incredible Mormon doctor that took care of her today.

*I need to add a note to these words. Just in the last few days of all of this going on, I have been blessed. As I say these things, you know who you are, so please know that I talked to God about you today. The families that brought us groceries,”Thank you!” To those that have prepared meals for myself and the kids,”Thank you!” To you that have been with Liz and/or prayed for her and the family,”Thank you!” I have received quite a few comments on this blog as well as e-mails letting me know that you are standing with us during this time. It helps to not feel so alone. Please continue to pray for healing, protection, provision, and for God to ultimately be praised for how He truly does love us.


3 Responses to “One Frustrated Christian”

  1. Donny, I did not realize until yesterday that Liz is in the hospital and having so much pain! We will be praying for her and you and the kiddos. Please do not hesitate to let us know what we can do.

  2. Thankful to hear of the great doctors involved as we all pray. Had a good, long wait at the doctors office myself today. Then the frustrated, greasy doctor came in with proof he had had car trouble for the second time in three days. Know we’re praying in Portugal.

  3. Ernest Myers Says:

    Praying for Liz … and you, my friend.

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