Decision ’08

Life is built around decisions. Our ability to make a decision begins when we grasp the concept of options. And what option we choose helps to mold us into the people that we are. But then, we get so bold in our own choices  that we can get caught up in forming opinions about other people’s decisions.

To me, there is one issue that seems to attack all parts of the globe. It is the issue of confusion. Think about it. Some more obvious questions involving confusion are: why am I here?; and is it love?; or how do I know if this is right?; and what if both seem right (or wrong)?  And the reason the answer is so important is because we have to live with the consequences once we not only make the decision, but act on our choice.

Now, here’s the rub. Things really start to get messy when our decisions directly impact other human beings, who are in the middle of trying to make their own decisions. This helps us see how selfish we really are down deep. And frankly-speaking, I don’t like to go there very often. But with the act of having to make decisions directly relating us to one another, the difference may come from the ‘how’ we come to our own conclusions.

A buzz word for those that are hip is tolerance. Let us all live with a sense of tolerance towards one another and each other’s differences. To me, the tolerance that so many speak of is a replacement emotion. They are attemtping to replace the love of the One that invented it to begin with. Like many great thoughts, theories and ideals, the Bible has laid some things out long ago. Oh, that’s right, it was so long ago. It is outdated. It is past it’s prime. I am so right-wing and emotional. I am too conservative to accept the fact that things have changed. God is a crutch and His love is empty. Really? Seriously? That cut and dry?

In times of need, this country’s most liberal news agency talked of prayer, sacrifice, grace, mercy, and love. When one of us suffers heartache, turmoil, or illness, we seek understanding, healing, and provision. When things are solid, we get brave, hard-hearted, and aggresive. All of which are decisions.

Personally, I don’t always know where I stand on some things. I am still able to be stretched, taught, and influenced. After talking with friends from all walks of life and from several different continents, 2008 seems to be the year of the decision. A year in which some life-altering decisions have or will be made. And the interesting thing is that there are some apparent guidelines that came from almost of those people. A.) Don’t do it alone. Ask for help, guidance, and prayer. B.) You are not alone at the crossroads. People ALL around you are attempting to find their way. C.) Not a single person has made all the right decisions. Like the saying goes,”When you get to the fork in the road…take it.” D.) There is more to decision-making than vibes.

Sorry if this was boring and blah. Just some things rolling around in my empty skull that had to be put down. I’ll get back to blogging from the friendly skies soon.


2 Responses to “Decision ’08”

  1. The confusion all around and the decision-making that we and other people make that affect many other people, including us and our loved ones, should help us understand that we are all in this together and help us to want to do our very best at it, with all the wise counsel & prayer we can muster as well as to love and help one another. But it doesn’t always work that way, as you said. But when I come the fork in the road, I’m definitely gonna remember to take it now.

  2. Donny:

    Just a note to say you are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

    Bill Viser

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