Another Week In My Life

I’m back. I am back flying the friendly skies of Delta. (Or should I say ComAir.) This flight is taking me home. I am headed back to barely breathable air and the type of heat that will make you sweat getting out of a cold shower. Why in the world would I ever miss Texas?! Ah! That’s right; my family. I miss my family. I am very ready to see them.


I have spent the last four days in downtown Cincinnati, OH. It was another business trip. It was another trip where I felt myself growing into someone I want to be, but am not. I am a selfish, impatient, sarcastic Christian. (How about that for some reality?) I don’t hate myself for these flaws, but I do find that I want to grow away from these traits.


I talked with a guy this week whose town was submerged by the floods in the Midwest. There was the guy whose mother passed away recently due to a brain aneurism. And then there was the couple that have a Harley motorcycle ministry that flew to Cincinnati this year instead of riding their bikes because of gas prices. All these people live lives in another part of the country with their own views on political topics and who have struggles in their lives everyday.


This morning, I found myself standing outside of the hotel, waiting for one of valet guys to bring my car around so that I could head to the airport. There were cars everywhere as many people were trying to leave at the same time. There were people getting upset and voicing their frustrations while a few others grabbed their own keys from the key-box and went to find their own car. Me? I stood by the concrete column and took it all in. The rain was coming down pretty steadily. The sound of spray from water on the road filled the air. I had an opportunity to chill/relax/calm down and just enjoy being last.


I have become obsessed with (1 hour and 35 minutes away from Dallas, according to the flight deck.) people. This week’s business trip was a conference. I was in an exhibit hall of around 250 other exhibitors. It is interesting how much you can learn about those exhibitors around you. I played ‘pop-a-shot’ about 25 times with the guys from Upward; I got to hear about the town of Savannah, Georgia from people that attend Savannah Christian Church; and got to visit a lot with a couple from Seattle.


I found myself bragging on my family, especially my wife. It felt good to share about her strength, faith, love, patience, and gentleness. Life rarely presents us with people in our lives like my wife. Not only is she a true angel on earth, but she puts up with me. That, my friends, has got to earn her a special gem in her future crown. Liz, I love you and thank you for being God’s strength for me.


So, as I sit here with my ginger ale and Fisher peanuts (2 bags), I look out through the small plane window and know that life really is a gift and a special place that I enjoy being. I had dinner with some guys one night and we got in talking about our families and our kids. Knowing that I probably had them beat on the kid stories, I wanted to find out how many kids they had…I was truly wanting to take an interest in their lives. And boy, did I ever. The guy to my right started telling us about his kids and their ages. And lastly, he said,”…and we have one in Heaven.” Are you kidding me, Donny, I thought to myself. I hated myself for that moment for such arrogance. That conversation still rocks my heart. I had two kids that had surgery this week and a couple others later in the Summer. This man has lost a child. So, when I talk about moments of growth, times like these remind me how good I have it. Weeks like these cause me to miss my prayer-time with my boys and to miss those hugs from my three girls. I miss hearing Liz laughing at some reality TV show or wanting to tell me about something from the show Jon and Kate Plus 8. (That is not an invitation for more, Liz. J )


Well, Cedric, the 10-month old little boy behind me, is finally asleep, after a solid 30 minutes of screaming. A few minutes ago, we flew over an area where the Mississippi had flooded its banks. It isn’t raining here; in fact, it is the perfect shade of blue. (Have I ever talked about how much I absolutely love deep blue skies?!?!)


Today is the fourth if July. My thoughts about this day are a little skewed. 1.) Just because we have the right of freedom of speech, doesn’t mean you should. 2.) You have the right to burn the American flag; if you feel the need to do this, move. 3.) If people spent more time trying to figure out ways they could make this a better country as they do criticizing the people who are holding a political office, this place would be better at being the land it was projected to be. I know, I have issues.


With the iPod blaring in my ear, the earth flying by outside, and the ice in my cup gone, I am done. To Americans, Happy Fourth of July. To everyone else, Happy Friday.


3 Responses to “Another Week In My Life”

  1. Smiles…ThANK YOU HUN! 🙂 We missed you!

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Happy 5th and Saturday from these proud American parents and grandparents. Glad you’re home. Keep Goin’ and growin’ as you, and we, thank the Lord our God for life, liberty and the living daily with and for him, surrounded by miracles beyond our explanation.

  3. Enjoyed the blog entry Donny. It inspires me to do better in my own life. Hope you are enjoying your time with Liz and the kids. Hope to cya again soon

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