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It may not be the exit row, but at least it is the aisle seat. My left leg will get the chance to stretch. But with such limited space, the can of Ginger Ale and the cup of ice are barely hanging on at the edge of the tray-table. The 12/13 year-old girl sitting next to the window is listening to her iPod and totally out of it. The Indian guy next to me was finally able to fall asleep, now that he changed from contact lenses to glasses.


So, I am headed back home after being gone for a few days. I left the house Saturday morning at 4:45 in the morning. To start a four day trip at that time of the morning is such a beating. But, the way I look at, at least my youngest son and wife were home from the hospital before I left.


This trip took me to Plymouth, Massachusetts. There was a conference taking place there that I was asked to attend to represent our company. Where I was most of the time was called Memorial Hall. This is the same building where they used to hold town hall meetings ‘back in the day.’ Plymouth was chalk full of pretty interesting places that had something to do with the history of our county. But that isn’t why I am writing this post.


The attendees of said conference were typically much older than I. I was not even dealing directly with decision-makers. But I did have plenty of opportunities to spark some interest in the minds of many. This conference gave me the chance to meet plenty of people I had only talked to over e-mail or by phone. This too is not the reason why I am writing this post.


(I’m not exactly sure why, but I love the song ‘Sorry’ by Buckcherry. It’s currently playing on my iPod.)


I am writing this post because I continue to grow and change. I am in the middle of reading the book ‘It All Goes Back in the Box’ by Ortberg. There is an emphasis discussed in the book that explains how people are the most important thing on the face of this planet. So many times this trip, maybe over lunch or during dinner after the conference was over for the day, I would sit out by the harbor and people watch. I even found myself doing the same at Logan airport, while patiently waiting stand-by for a possible seat on an earlier flight. (It never happened.) I came to a conclusion about people.


People are freakin’ awesome. (Kenny Chesney’s ‘Better As a Memory’ is now playing.) There was the kid that was with his mom and sister. He couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 years old. He had a monkey on his back. The monkey was actually one of those kid leashes. It was pretty funny looking. The monkey looked exhausted.


There is the young couple that sat in the gate area near me. They looked like they were dating and going away on a vacation somewhere. Maybe they were going to the beach or maybe to see family. Sadly, he was all decked out in a Red Sox hat and t-shirt. (I actually saw Fenway Park today. I think I might rather visit the slums of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. But, out of respect for the amazing game of baseball, I do respect the history of that ballpark and club.)

Then there was the little baby girl in the car seat. I believe the dad was from somewhere in Africa; maybe South Africa. He had this very cool British-like accent, but dark like the actor from Amistad. Anyways, this little girl was out like a light. (‘East to West by Casting Crowns is playing) She was totally oblivious to the world around. But what really touched me were here bare toes. They were so small. And of course, my kiddos flooded my mind. I so remember those days like they were last week. I am that dad that is so grateful to be done with ‘infant days.’ I look forward to days of conversations and sports and recitals and field days. (‘Photograph’ by Nickelback is playing) But, for a moment, I went back to those early days. There is something to be missed about holding one of my children and feeding them their bottle. My favorite moment of those times would be right after they had finished their bottle and had burped the air out of their tummies. It was time to pat/rock them to sleep. (I am not going to cry on a plane.) But, as I laid them down in bed after they had fallen asleep on my shoulder or in my lap, watching their silent faces, touching their itty bitty fingers and toes…thank you, dear God, for absolutely blowing me away with your perfection.


At the harbor, it kind of felt like the customs line at the Miami airport. There were so many different languages and accents being spoken. There were people that looked to be on the last vacation of their life, families with kids, young couples who couldn’t keep their hands off one another, and single people looking to hang out. There were seagulls and other sea birds flying around and diving for fish. (‘Something Right’ by Westlife is playing) The smell of lobster, crab, and scrod filled the air. Over at one table, they must have been telling jokes and funny stories because they were laughing so loud and having a ball. At another table, a young couple had a little girl and a baby boy. The couple seemed to be enjoying their time together as they talked with one another and their daughter colored on the kids’ menu.


And now, here I am. I am somewhere over the state of Kentucky. I get to go home. I get to tell jokes and funny stories with my family. There may be something said for the saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” To have my wife come up to me with open arms and a heartfelt “I love you. I have missed you so much!” No homerun in the bottom of the 9th inning can compete with that. Home is the place where when I walk in the door, I hear my son’s footsteps upstairs as he runs to hide. (Mom and Dad, it is so crazy how things do come full circle.) (‘We taking over’ by DJ Khaled is playing) Hugging my girls one at a time and feeling them resting their heads on my shoulder. And Mr. Hud. I miss making little funny voices for him with his stuffed animals.


The ice is now almost gone in my American Airlines cup. I feel myself starting to relax. It’s the way I get when I know I am almost home. Once off the plane and out of terminal D, I’ll hop in my car, check in at home, and drive that direction while listening to sports talk radio.


So, as I close for now, listening to some loud music (wonder if the guy next to me can hear this…hahahahahaha, smiling my crooked smile…this is loud) be yourself. Your laugh, your smile, the nod of your head in someone’s direction may totally make their day. (Now Colbie Caillat’s ‘Realize’ is playing.) A few things I am still working on…patience, saying “thank you”, enjoying life for what it is and not what I think it should be, trusting God, and letting someone that I may never see again in my life, letting them know they are special to someone. Because I know what it means to me loved. Why shouldn’t everyone know that feeling? I’ll stop for now, for I could really take off with this.


I’ll start now; “Thank You” for stopping by here and spending time with my random thoughts. Goodnight, Internet People.


2 Responses to “Previously Recorded”

  1. I can so hear you thinking those thoughts outloud. Lol! I’m so glad that you are home! We missed you!!! I really enjoyed your post.

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Finally got to read this using the hotel guys computer and checking up on Liz’s blog too. I’ll think about yoiu and Doug running to hide and play when we walk into our apt late this afternoon back in Lisbon. And then I’ll think about you, Liz and the Fantastic 5, say another prayer for Hud, Madison, Liz,<you and and all and check for an update. Got to razz a Florida fan for you and chat with him in a grocery store here in Rome yesterday. K.O.K.O.

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