Part Three

Fathers’ Day. Is it the day that we celebrate dad for what he does for his family? Or is it the day that the father reflects on what he has been entrusted with from Heaven? I am going with the latter.

Logan Chase Dixon. Hudson Pierce Dixon. Madison Paige Dixon. Candice Bailey Dixon. Samantha Lacy Dixon.

That would be one heckuva letterhead if we ever started a family business. And then that leads me to think about the future of the back-bumper on the car. If all five kids are good students, I guess that will automatically put five bumper stickers on the back of the van. Show and tell with five kids, all wanting to show something crazy, should be a blast. Remind me of these words in a few years…I am looking forward to Summer church camps.

To be the father of five children that had to fight to get to this point…it can be numbing. It only takes 6.3 seconds to become overwhelmed about their futures. But with surgeries for three of them on the horizon, my sights are set on this Summer.

As stated by the Henrie’s several years ago, it has to be about a team effort. Liz and I have a team effort going on here. There have been times when she has been on the DL (the disabled list, for those less sports-inclined). But I to have been MIA (missing in action, for those less militarily-inclined) due to my new work schedule. Ahead of every great man, is a woman showing him how to get something done right. There is a reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day a full month before dad gets his day…and rightfully so.

It is only right, on this day, for me to share my perspective on each kiddo. It actually gives me a chance to praise God for each one of them individually. Ladies first…

Candice (Liz, Karol…stop laughing. C comes before M or S. LOL!) To me, Candice seems so grown up. She is Miss Priss. She loves to dress-up and to have her hair done just right. She seems to be more of a follower, for now. She hangs out more with Samantha than with anyone else. Candice makes me smile with my heart when she gets all worked up and excited about something. And on the flip side, I am so tired of her having to deal with medical issues. But, from the look of things, Princess is going to have to put up her dukes through some more procedures to better her future. Candi, I love you.

Madison. This girl has recently gotten in her mind that she rules the roost. She has spent more time in time-out than any of the others. But, I am always sure to give her a hug afterwards to know that she has served her punishment and everything is cool, as long as she learns not to do whatever it was she did, again. I tell you something I am trying to figure out. Madison’s eyes are incredible gorgeous. Her blue eyes are what I hope the blue skies in Heaven look like. But, her eyes are what’s causing her issues. She now has another surgery in her future to try and get them corrected. Madi, I love you.

Samantha. She will be faster than many boys. She will be smarter than most of the class. And will be prettier than most girls named prom queen. Sam is going to be incredible at about anything she sets her mind to. (They all will. She just has that go-get it attitude.) Samantha has sat and watched several sporting events with me. She will run and do a pretty good job of keeping up with Logan and I. My favorite thing that Sam does is the way she moves her hair from her eyes. It’s this little sweep kind of deal with her had across her face and head. Not real sure how to explain it, but it is so cute. Sam, I love you.

Hudson. Huddy Buddy. Hud. Hudster. Tater. Lately, I have noticed Hudson getting a little frustrated with himself. He tries so hard to keep up with everybody else. I have learned a lot from this boy. Hudson never ever lets anything keep him down long. He will always be back to smiling and being happy before you know it. It is just in him to be a happy little kid. Because of his sweet spirit and smile and kindness at such a young age, I hope Hudson grows up and does something to help others. His being on this earth is going to make an impact on so many. I love you, Hud.

Logan. There are times when a parent’s comments about their child are bias. And this could easily be one of those moments, but my oldest son is absolutely brilliant. He is so grown up for being four years old. He is smart and articulate and creative. He is funny and entertaining. There are people that when they walk into a room, their presence alone can make things better. Logan is growing into that person. Some parenting here and there, giving him pointers and advice will be needed. But this little man God has placed in my life, well, I need to stay out of the way and allow God to grow him into the man He wants him to be. This ride should be a blast. I love you, Logan.

It is a true honor to be in this game with Liz. I will continue to take my lead from her. Being given this opportunity to be dad for Candice, Samantha, Madison, Hudson, and Logan makes every single day father’s day. Like the Montgomery Gentry song title says, I’m a “Lucky Man.”


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