What Will My Art Be Worth?

Some artists have their masterpieces sell for millions of dollars…after they die. There are those in the history books that have done some amazing things in their own lives. But what they did, became famous after they died. Where does that put Donny Wayne Dixon II? And who cares?

Many people don’t care. Leave them alone; let them live their lives. I don’t know what this will say about me, but I get easily inspired. I love movies because so often times I will find myself really connecting with one or more of the characters. I enjoy solitude due to the time that I am given to give my life a ‘once-over.’ Someone I know once told me that having five children is amazing because they will be my legacy. I feel that if I am lucky, I will be a part of ‘their legacy.’

I just got back from jogging tonight. One place I love to get inspired is in the middle of God’s legacy. Have you ever been outside and felt the wind blow across your path and as it rushes by, you think you hear it whisper something in your ear? Maybe its wishful thinking; wanting to hear God’s voice. It wasn’t quite deja vu, but I did have a moment that sent me back several years. On my run, I go by two empty fields. As I ran past the first one, there was a smell of farmland; a mix between cow manure and cut grass/hay. It isn’t a ‘pleasant’ smell per say, but it sure reminded me of a simpler time. The town of Waddy, Kentucky (halfway between Louisville and Lexington) has the smell of farmland and peace and quiet. I was there for a moment tonight.

After I hit the halfway point tonight and headed back to the house, God was adding His final touches to the day. He seemed to be having fun with oranges, purples, and blues. My heart was pounding, my lungs started hurting, the insides of my knees were really starting to cause me pain, but it was my favorite part of tonight’s run. Why? Cause I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew that my never-ending run was dotted often with water stations. He does have my back.

The other day, I exclaimed out loud, “I have five kids!” The whole family was getting in the car headed somewhere and I was counting heads, making sure we weren’t forgetting anyone. I really want to write about my thoughts on different sports’ stories and about what Jon Stewart calls “Indecision ’08.” I would love to post a blog about my favorite TV shows and about the tug-o-war between doing my job and doing my job with great success. But with all due respect to myself, no one is going to give a flying leap about my opinion on why I think ‘Joe Baseball’ takes steroids. But you know what most of the stories told about my life are going to be about? They will tell of the different experiences I had with my family.

So, what is my art? Try the chocolate pudding on the quads’ faces (cause dad being dad thinks it would be a great dessert after lunch). Or, how about the palette of colors smashed into the carpet, thanks to the big box of multi-colored Goldfish crackers? I can’t forget pizza sauce, chocolate brownies, and of course, ketchup fingers. Logan comes to me today, while the quads are napping, and says he has something to show me in his coloring book. He drew what he claims is a cat. (If you ever see this thing in the street, RUN!) But he was so proud that he had drawn a cat. I sat down with him at the kids’ table upstairs. I asked if we could color together. As I started coloring some picture (staying within the lines, 🙂 ), he looks at me and says with all sincerity in his eyes,”Daddy, when you finish coloring my picture, we can do something else.” Makes my heart sputter to know that once I am gone from this earth, ‘I’ will actually continue to live on cause there’s a mini-me on the way up.

I have a wife that deserves a bigger share of life’s joys than I think she has been given. I feel God should grant her even more grace and mercy and break of life’s physical pains. If this was a business deal, I would have cut ties with God a long time ago. But here’s the deal, IT AIN’T a business deal. I am so not about to give up on the creator of the universe. (I watched a show the other day, just briefly, that showed some huge machine over in Europe that they are building, hoping to “recreate the big bang that occurred that created our world”…all the while, people are dying needlessly worldwide. Seriously?!) I don’t get God about 60% of the time. Then again, I don’t need to. I know He is there. Sometimes, I need to listen to myself. About once a day, I remind Logan that we don’t always get what we want. HHHmmmmm… I have five kids that have been through so stinkin’ much. Where’s their break? Our one child that hasn’t had any surgeries or procedures is about to have two this Summer. And of all people, Candi is about to have ANOTHER one.

My art may never have any value at a Sotheby’s auction. I may never get to reap the benefits of mining parental gold. But the thing I know at this very moment is that the brushstrokes of my days are made of sweet tickles, hugs, and fatherly dependence. It may not turn out to be a masterpiece, but it is going to my piece-of-work.


2 Responses to “What Will My Art Be Worth?”

  1. Well Donny, you certainly are ‘a piece of work’! Hehe! No really hun, I couldn’t help it..you really set that one up yourself. Love you sweetie!!

    In all seriousness… you said, “Someone I know once told me that having five children is amazing because they will be my legacy.” You never told me that…how cool is that. People say a bunch of dumb and obvious things about our family, but that is so neat. Never thought of it that way. Very cool!

    I really love this post..great job hun! :*

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Prayin’ for more cut hay, I’ll leave out the other ingredient here, sunsets, coloring books and full health to go with the strength, patience and joy in your family and home.

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