Cooked Vegetables Make Me Sick

I begin today’s post with my throat on fire. I am not coughing nor sneezing, I just have a raw throat. (And I am sure that sitting on this plane, flying back to Dallas, next to a lady-hacker, isn’t going to help things.) Great! Now, the guy behind me is hacking up is right lung; no, wait, it actually sounds like it may be his left lung.


Yesterday, I left home for a business trip. I traveled back to the Detroit, Michigan area for a meeting with a client church I am working with. I always try to leave the house early enough because traffic just seems to be getting worse and worse between my house and the airport. (I thought everyone was going “green” and that the world was going to start car-pooling.


Anyways, I was in the car, taking my time getting to the airport. (I at least got to get Hudson and Madison on the bus before I left.) I listen to a lot of sports-talk radio when in the car. But, on weekday mornings, when both sports stations are on a commercial break, I tend to switch over to KISS FM. (See, I like to talk so much, that I’ll even listen to other people talk. And then sometimes, I’ll even call in and add my opinion to the discussion.)


Well, yesterday morning, on purpose, KISS FM had me and many others, I hope, crying in their cars. Now, I am about to tell you why I was crying even though I risk being made fun of and having my ‘man card’ taken away. Many people hate or at least strongly dislike the reason I was crying. The DJ’s daughter is graduating from high school and it seemed appropriate to him to play the song ‘Butterfly Kisses.’


I used to think the song was nice and sweet. But now, being the dad of three amazingly perfect girls, the song means so much more. In high school, not sure how many times my parents busted me with some rap song or top 40 song that either had foul language in it or just some inappropriate message being sung. As I got older, instead of just being into the music, I started paying closer attention to the words in a song and their meaning. Well, from my new gain perspective on so many things in life, the song ‘Butterfly Kisses’ means so much more.

Yes, I get it. It is mushy and sappy and cheesy. Fine. Guess what? I don’t care. It is one of the best songs a dad can play about his love and always-there-ness for his daughter(s). At that very moment, it did make it hard to leave town. I knew what I was doing was also providing for them, but if you could only see their ‘Precious Moment’ faces when they wake up in the mornings. The song gave me the opportunity to pray over each one of them, thanking God for the honor of having them in my life everyday. Sure, there are days when they can be very frustrating to deal with, but if I only focused on those days, I’d be missing out on so much more. I believe it is Trace Adkins that sings the song “You’re Gonna Miss This.” That is a great song that talks about living in the moment and not looking to the next, hoping it’s better.


Madison, Candice, Samantha…Daddy, loves you. Big hug!!!!


So, here I am. I am sitting here in the exit row, seat 20D, waiting for the flight attendants to get back this way so I can order my Canada Dry Ginger Ale. (Captain just came over the intercom system and said we have leveled out at 34,000 feet.) And I am excited about getting home. Here’s something weird. When I am gone for a day like this, it feels as if I have been gone a week. But when I have been gone for three or four days, it seems just that, like I have been gone three or four days. Strange.


P.S. I wanted to be sure to address the title of this post. Last night, I got back to the hotel exhausted, but excited, and somewhat hungry. After dropping everything off in my room, I headed back downstairs to the hotel restaurant. The Detroit Pistons were playing the Boston Celtics on the lobby TV. So, at 9:30 Eastern Standard Time, I ordered a 12-ounce rib-eye steak (medium), steak fries, and a house salad with Italian dressing. Oh, and a Coke with lime, of course. So, the salad came and went very quickly. And then the dinner plate arrived. I was back in my room before 10:00 (EST). That may have been the fastest anyone has ever eaten a 12-ounce steak. But I had too. You see, I was unaware that steamed broccoli and other steamed vegetables were going to be served on the same plate. I ABSOLUTELY HATE the smell of steamed vegetables. Why in the world would anyone eat  soggy vegetables. A salad? Great; bring it on. Deep-fried green beans at TGI Fridays? By all means. I will eat vegetables, but I don’t need them steamed or sautéed or covered in some sort of marinade. I know, I know…”They’re good for you.” Look, I get that people eat them, but that doesn’t make it right.


4 Responses to “Cooked Vegetables Make Me Sick”

  1. 3kids2jobs1dog Says:

    What a sweet post. I feel you on the “Buttterfly Kisses” song. My sister walked down the aisle to that song. The part that says “she’ll change her name today” is when they started walking down the aisle. By the time they got to the end my dad could barely speak to give her away. There was not a dry eye in the house! Now every time I hear it I cry and get goosebumps!

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Hey, if feeling that way over those three girls causes you to lose your man card, I’m cutting mine in half and sending it back to wherever they come from. But for the love of Veggie Tales, eat somethin’ besides french fries and rice with your steak, even if you did grow up in Brazil!

  3. “For the love of Veggie Tales”.. Lol! A least you eat salad. Well, unless you are at a Brazilian steakhouse. 🙂

  4. Hopefully as you grow older you will find a the taste buds for Veggies (without being fried)
    In your earlier post since Bobby has moved out the song “Your gonna miss this” has become my favorite song. I cry a lot; I think I stood in line to long when God was handing out tears.

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