Are You Suppose to Laugh or Cry?

Many years from now, you may hear a story of a young man who seems to make everyone around him a better person. In said story, you’ll hear of great deeds he has done for neighbors. Part of the story may even be about the jokes and stories he would tell anyone that would listen. This young man seems to have the ability to make everyone he meets feel special and loved.

Over the last few days, I was given some time to spend with this soon-to-be young man. I found out that he wasn’t the best of swimmers, but he does kick hard enough to stay afloat. (There may be a life-lesson somewhere in there.) I observed that no matter the situation or atmosphere around him, he can adapt. Oh, and he has never met a stranger. Before the question is even asked, he will tell you his name.

But the last couple of days have gotten personal. Yesterday, while at the community pool with the whole family, he asked me to join him in the water. He didn’t want any help swimming, but just wanted me close enough for comfort. (My son is growing up fast enough that there are many things that he doesn’t need me to help him, yet, he loves knowing dad is right there to step in and help with anything. No need for me to question my purpose in life.)

Today, we were out running errands together. Are there any parents or aunts and uncles or grandparents that feel like their child’s own personal jungle-gym? He never left my side today. He kept hugging my legs, looking up at me and telling me how much he loved me. And then in turn, would do some sort of Power Rangers power-chop pose. Between his dancing technique and imitation of a ninja, I might never know if he is having a seizure. He goes from having a touching moment with his dad to making me laugh at the way he twists his arms and legs while his eyes are looking up and to the side.

Tonight, I had Logan pray instead of me. Aside from a word here or there due to his fast praying and the way Logan talks when he talks to himself, I had no idea what he prayed. I don’t need to. Tomorrow is Logan’s last day of his first year of school. Looking back how how much he has grown and developed and learned…I am simply proud of my son. He continues to amaze me over and over again. Yes, he’s four. He is hyper and all over the place. He asks 1.2 million questions a day. He doesn’t always do what we ask of him because he thinks he has a better way of doing something. But that boy…well, I’m not going to choose. He makes me laugh AND cry.


4 Responses to “Are You Suppose to Laugh or Cry?”

  1. Your entire first paragraph….’kick hard enough to stay afloat’..
    Sounds like Logan is taking after his DAD! What a great example you’re setting for him!
    “never left my side today- kept hugging my legs, looking up at me and telling me how much he loved me”…(Surely you do this to Liz!)

  2. Thank’s for the laughs babe. That boy is a trip. So sweet, so funny and such a trooper. I can’t stop picturing him doing his crazy little ninja moves. That boy is awesome!! I love my Donny BOYS so much!

  3. NanaPops Says:

    It’s wonderful when we’re there, but also when we’re away, to hear the word love spoken so sincerely and so often among you all. That “fantastic four” year-old knows clearly and deeply what he’s talking about when he speaks of love. And I praise God and pray for his continued grace that produces such a family where neither Logan, nor Hud, Candi, Sam, or Madi will ever be sorry for learning such love. It’s the beginning of great things.

  4. All of your posts- without fail- either bring tears or laughter, this one was a bit of laughter. I’m glad through the midst of it all you are still able to see and love the little things! I’m glad your such a good dad to your kids!

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