Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down

I hope Collective Soul doesn’t mind me using one of their most famous lines as my post title. It does seem very appropriate these days. Today was about like yesterday.

Tonight, in our home, it will be myself and the five little residents upstairs. Liz is still in the hospital. So far, most tests have come back with good news. Though that good news might help in determining what is not causing Liz the pain, we are still not sure what is at the root of the problem. You know, not sure the design of ‘family’ was meant to be lived as such. It really is odd for one parent to be giving dinner, breathing treatments, and baths to his kids while his wife is across town having an CT scan of her liver. Not to mention, planning to spend a second night in the hospital.

Now, with that being said, anyone who has kept up with our family from the ‘beginning’, knows that nothing is resolved easily, medically-speaking. If Liz is able to hold the full liquid diet down tonight, and is fine in the morning, she will be coming home sometime tomorrow. Some additional blood work is being done, but the results won’t be back for a couple of days. She will rest at home while waiting to hear what medicines she needs to be on to knick this thing in the bud. And of course, all of this is in addition to trying to get her blood thinned out enough to where the risk of another blood clot/stroke is minimal.

Here’s something from today that might help you gain a little perspective on how heart-breaking this on-going battle really is. Tomorrow is “Muffins with Mom” in Logan’s class, first thing in the morning. At lunch today, Logan looks over at me and says,”Daddy, tomorrow, mommy is going to eat breakfast with me at school.” I had to let him know that mommy is still sick and that she won’t be able to go. The saddest part to me, was that he never cried, but instead, his big brown eyes just starred back and me and began to water. His shoulders dropped and he looked empty inside. Not a single second of this whole situation is Liz’s fault. So telling this story is not to sadden her once she gets a chance to read this, but rather, help Liz to understand how much she is loved. Logan loves his mother. He has never once resented her nor shied away from her. He wants to do things with her and go places with her. There will be many more occasions ahead where Liz will have the opportunity to do something with Logan and all of the kids.

So, when I ask Heaven to let it’s light shine down, it is so moments like those can continue to be just moments and not experiences.

(My mother-in-law is going with Logan so that he will have someone there with him, just like all the other boys and girls. He will be thrilled and excited. Thank you, K.)


5 Responses to “Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down”

  1. NanaPops Says:

    Thanking God for good news, for Liz, you, Logan, K, and all as you all work through, and are prayed through this time. Praying again for healing and watchcare, as heaven’s light shines on.

  2. rachel Says:

    Hey…this must be tough on everybody. I’m not gonna attempt to speak about how I understand, or how G-d must have a plan – I don’t understand, and I don’t know what G-d is doing. What I do know is that He is STILL our sovereign G-d, blessed be His Name! We will continue praying. Thanks for the update. Blessings on you guys and the kids – that their hearts would not feel empty or lonely.

  3. Ditto for me on Nanapops and Rachel; I pray…

  4. Just FYI, I say Logan and his K this morning at the boys’ school. The first thing Logan did was run up to me and tell me he was going to class with his K and he was so excited!
    We’re still praying for Liz. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys!

  5. Katrina Calloway Says:

    Just want you to know that Jim & I as well as all your friends at Buffat Heights are praying for YOU and the family each day. You are still one of the “Calloway kids” .
    Hang in there, you’re doing a fine job!

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