Goodnight Moon

Tonight…tonight is a mirror night. Who in the world am I, anymore? What is this life of mine? Traveling around Brazil by myself my senior year of high school, I never saw this coming. Mountain biking with the guys from my hall when I was a student at Ouachita Baptist, I never saw this coming. When I got married almost five and a half years ago, I never saw this coming.

My wife is away tonight. She is away in a hospital room. Lord God Almighty, how about a side of mercy with this new challenge? Liz, know you are thought of, missed, needed, and loved. Continue to fight. There is no octagon on this earth that can hold the kind of fight that you constantly show. You have been prayed over all day; and others are beginning to pray for you constantly.

I titled this post ‘Goodnight Moon’ for a reason. I miss those days; those days when I would kneel beside my first-born child’s bed and read the same book to him every night. It was either Goodnight Moon or Sweet Dreams, Mimi. I got so tired of that book that I would sometimes read it backwards or even make up my own story about what was happening on each page. What I miss is not the book itself, but the very quiet time with my son before he fell asleep. Now, things just seem so complicated.

Tonight, I fed the kids before bath time. We all went upstairs for breathing treatments, baths, medicine, and then off to bed. I had all three working at once. While one kid was getting their breathing treatment, I was bathing another. I would dress them and make sure they weren’t going to bed with their hair wet. They got a dose of some cough medicine and off to bed they went. And they say guys can’t multi-task.

I am sad tonight. Liz is sick. Logan fell asleep in his bed before I even got to say,”Good Night.” (At least he slightly stirred when I kissed his forehead.) The girls are such perfect princesses. Their hair was so perfectly clean and soft. They looked so glamorous with their cute little earrings. And Hud, me did make me laugh tonight. I had finished drying his hair with the blow-dryer when he looked up at me with the biggest grin. With that semi-curly blonde hair and blue eyes; he is my little Dennis the Menace.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day…”Goodnight, Moon.”


2 Responses to “Goodnight Moon”

  1. Hang in there….you WILL be rewarded on day 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about Liz. I will definitely keep her and all of you in my prayers today. And just remember, even when you were a senior in high school in Brazil, you didn’t see this coming, but God did and he knows you can handle it. He knows every breath, every smell of clean babies from the bathtub and he knew you would vacuum up those spilled Chex. He also knows where Liz is and how to heal her. I will pray for blessings for you and your family. Keep your head up!

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