Two Boys At A Ballgame

Scrap-booking seems to be a huge deal these days. There are stores and groups and events solely dedicated to the “art” of scrap-booking. I am not into it whatsoever. Although I like to think that I am a details-person, I just don’t have the patience that is required to piece a book together.

Well, the other night, if I were into scrap-booking…the whole night would deserve its own page. I took my four year-old son to his first professional soccer game. Now, some people would say that he would be better served never going back. Those people don’t “get soccer.” They say soccer is boring, slow, and totally uninteresting. Baseball is our country’s pastime. Golf is bigger now than ever before. And the fastest growing sporting events are NASCAR races. There are many ways in which the United States of America is ahead of the rest of the world. Soccer and its place in our culture is not one of them.

Anyways…Logan and I went to see the match between the New England Revolution and FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. Allow me to set the scene so you can understand why I will cherish that night for the rest of my God-given life.

The sun was down-deep in the late afternoon sky. The palette of colors was beginning to put on a show above the stadium lights. The breeze picked up speed as night drew near. The smell of hot dogs, barbecue, and nacho cheese filled the air. When you go to the movies, who wants to show up late, look for a seat in the dark, and miss all the previews? Well, at a sporting event, it is all about tailgating and watching warm-ups, and getting your snacks together.

So, we found our seats, eleven rows from the filed, at almost mid-field. The FC Dallas players were right in front of us. Logan loved watching the goalies catch the balls kicked to him and then watching him boot the ball about fifty or sixty yards down field. It was fun watching Logan. Mid-chip, his dark brown eyes would track the white and silver ball across the dark blue sky. My son was becoming enamored with soccer. We were both laughing at the Brazilian soccer player on “our team” that was wearing orange cleats. Logan saw them and started yelling “Go Big Orange!” and wanting to sing ‘Rocky Top.’ I was loving it.

So, after eating nachos and very carefully and slowly drinking his medium, which was huge next to his four year-old mouth, Dr. Pepper, it was time for the game to start. Logan has been to several baseball games, particularly the Frisco RoughRiders, but I even got the chance to take him to opening day of the Texas Rangers last year. (The Rangers beat the Red Sox. It was a perfect day!) I bring all this up because of the important event that takes place before every sporting event; the singing of our national anthem. I helped Logan place his hand over his heart and stand respectively facing our nation’s red, white, and blue flag. It is important to me that my kids grow up respecting our country and the on-going fight that takes place to allow us to live the blessed lives that we have. Now, on to the game.

I came to a realization in the game. Cheering and some heckling are all part of any game. Some can be fun and entertaining, while other forms are rude and disrespectful. Anything I yell is never meant to be mean, by any means. But I will say this; coming from an adult is one thing. Hearing those same words yelled from a little kid is pretty fun. And similar to soccer games played in South America or Latin America, or Europe, there were drums, horns and other musical instruments being played the whole time. Not sure where he gets it, but the boy has some dance moves.

At halftime, we went walking around to stretch our legs and to replenish our snack-fix. Logan had been eyeing the other kids that were walking around with cotton candy. So, dad got a bag of peanuts and a pina colada (yes, it was sans alcohol) and Logan got his own bag of blue sticky goodness. As we were headed back to our seats, I had a snapshot for my mental scrapbook page for that night. See, Logan is a “big boy” and doesn’t always need to hold someones hand. He knows that when we are crossing a street or walking through a parking lot, he needs to hold my hand. Well, at that moment, he was concerned about his blue cotton candy. Sometimes he fell a little behind me and couldn’t keep up with me in the crowd of people. But I did keep a very close eye on him. Well, at one point, I looked back to make sure he was still with me…wow, I love that boy. He was staring back up at me with his huge brown eyes, had a slight smile on his face, and had both of his arms wrapped around his bag of that whipped, sugar-filled air. Not sure anything could have made him happier at that moment.

We lost the game that night, 1 – 0. But that night with my son was so much more about getting to hang out with him than it was about the soccer. Sure, we cheered and yelled and danced in our seats. We stayed till the very end. But as we were driving back home that night, I looked in the rear-view mirror to see my son fast asleep in his seat behind me. I said a little “Thank you” prayer that night to God for such an awesome little man.

One funny thing, right before we went upstairs for bed. Once we got home, I opened his door, undid his seat belt and started to waking him up so we could go into the house. He opened his eyes and smiled his sleepy little smile at me and says,”Hi, Daddy. I was sleeping in the car for a little bit.” We may have another Jerry Seinfeld on our hands; another stater of the obvious.

That night, we were two boys at a ballgame. Thank you, Logan, for hangin’ out with dad. I love you, son.


4 Responses to “Two Boys At A Ballgame”

  1. Soooo cute! I can see it now. So happy that you two got to have such a fun evening out just father and son. The next morning the first thing Logan said to me when his head got up from the pillow was, “Thank you for letting me go to the soccer game with daddy.”

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Absolutely Awesome

  3. I remember watching some games with you. Memories!

  4. 3kids2jobs1dog Says:

    That is priceless! I got the same feeling the first time I took the girls to the circus! Their little eyes stayed bugged out the whole time taking in all the sights! Sounds like an awesome time – and no doubt Logan will always remember it too!

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