So, here I am. I am writing from seat 21D on this flight to Dallas. The sky is the perfect shade of powder blue. The clouds are that kind of puffy white that you wish pillows were made of. The IPOD is about to run out of power. I have done way too many Sudoku puzzles. And I just don’t get the Mensa puzzles in the back of the American Way magazine. My neighbor, two seats down from me, is sawing logs. (I would too if I was reading the book “As the Crow Flys.”


I left Monday morning after helping Liz get Madison and Hudson on the bus. So, I have only been gone for a couple of days. But anymore, one day feels like three days and two days feels like five days. This has been an exceptionally long trip because of flight ‘issues.’ But I managed. And now I am headed back home.


When I travel, as most people do I am sure, I enjoy people-watching. And I am also that annoying person on the plane or in line somewhere that will strike up a conversation with the person next to me. I pay attention to the shoe-shine man or woman that watches as people walk by without even saying, “Hello” or even giving a quick nod in their direction. I watch the lady behind the register that seems to be having a tough day. And who knows, it may be her twentieth bad day in a row. And I like to think that I have compassion for the flight attendant that has dealt with unruly passengers for the last week. I think of these people because I have got to learn to have more patience. And when I consider what they are putting up with hourly, I try to reign myself in and just take the proverbial step back.


As the family gets older and more involved in life, these trips cause me to miss them more and more. What I love about traveling, is that when I am on the road, I can forget about the constant fussiness and attitudes (mine included.) I can forget about diaper changes, spilled milk, and ‘kid marks’ on the walls. But I do miss the little inside jokes that my wife and I share and laugh about during the day. I miss Logan’s eleventh billion question that day. I miss my daughters and their absolutely perfect hugging ability. And the little tickle matches that Hud and I have. (I am serious. That boy’s smile can rock you to the core.)


The song that makes me think of my wife is playing now…She’s My Kind of Rain by Tim McGraw. I love you, Liz. Thank you for allowing me to do my job. A job I love. You even show angels how to care, to love, to support, and to live joyfully. I love to be inspired and it starts with you.


So, as my trip nears its end, I think back to where I have been the last few days. I got to drive through the hills of Southeast Connecticut. I was in a VERY rough part of Detroit, Michigan. I spent an evening with a pastor and his wife and a few people from their church in a small town called Salem. I went by the University of Detroit Mercy to get a pennant for the boys. (UD and Mercy College merged.) The church I was at on Tuesday night is located about six to seven miles from where Eminem grew up on 8 Mile road.


I think back to loneliness. I absolutely love to travel. I love the running around airports, using the moving sidewalks (laughing about Brain Reagan’s thoughts on those things), hurrying to the rental car location to beat all the other plane jockeys so I can get a decent car, and then finding my way to the hotel. I crave sales presentations and program meetings. (I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours last night just because I was on such a high after my meeting with the church.) But, I am back in the hotel room, having said goodnight to my wife after she and I have had long days. I am watching The Office, or Sportscenter, or Letterman. It’s quiet. I miss home. I miss routine.


It has been a great trip and I can now relax. I am headed home. I have my ginger ale here with me (only thing I drink on airplanes. That’s weird, right?) I have some bluegrass song playing on my IPOD now; heavy on the banjo. (I LOVEEEEEE this stuff.) I am in the exit row for that extra the leg-room. Today is a great day. God, thank you for being  perfect. Help me not to forget days like today when life turns hard.


Now that I have bounced around enough, randomly I might add, I will close for now. I feel like a true blogger, just writing from anywhere. So, as Ja Rule blasts in my ears, I think I’ll get back to another Sudoku puzzle or try my hands at the crossroad puzzle.


Allow me to close with this thought…I am 29. I have so much more to learn about so much. But, get out of my way if you’re not going to help me. I want and WILL live the rest of my life with a passionate drive to be all that I was created to be. I guarantee you, I will fail a billion more times in my life, God willing (meaning that I can to be here that long), but for every failure, there IS the effort to do better.


3 Responses to “Mid-Air”

  1. NanaPops Says:

    Now that’s a blog entry! I enjoyed being on the flight with you while reading this. Keep on carin’ and sharin as we love, pray, praise and try to keep up with you seven as best we can from here. Hugs to all.

  2. You’ve got that right. Great blog! So glad that you are home safe now. I sure did miss you. And you are very welcome!! XoXo!

  3. I love reading your blogs it feels like I’m right there with you. I beleive you have the abiltity to write a book.

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