For Christians Only

I have this blog to use in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to ask fellow Christians for prayer. Tonight, I will use it for that purpose.

Please pray for my grandmother (my mom’s mom.) She has been hospitalized today for several reasons; including her breathing and issues with her heart. If you would, please ask God to be involved in the care of my mamaw. Pray that God would either heal her and heal her soon, or take her from this pain and let her start to live the rest of her eternal life pain-free. God answers prayers; just not always to our liking. He gets it. He knows what’s going on. Just wish we were including in some of His decision-making sometimes.

I would also ask that you say a prayer for my Aunt Janice. She has been and continues to be my grandmother’s care-taker. (An awesome one at that!) Pray also for my mom as she deals with each e-mail and phone call, while being so far away in Portugal.

Dear God, I am not coming to you because you need me to. I am not praying to you because you need to be caught up on certain situations. You already know what’s going on. And I love you for that. Right now, God, I am asking that you be with my mamaw. God love on her right now like never before. God, if you want her here, then God get her better. Put doctors in charge of her care that are going to get her well and provide a means to do that, whether that is medicine or surgery or whatever it may be. But God, if her time on earth is coming to an end, God don’t delay taking her home. Help her to avoid any more pain and suffering.

God, no matter your will, please be with Aunt Janice. Give her an extra dose of strength and patience and love. Help her to know that she is loved, appreciated, needed, and prayed for. Surround her with people that can care for her as well. And be with my mom. Give her a peace in her heart and mind that you are fully in control of all of this and you know exactly what’s going and the best possible answer to this whole stressful situation.

God, I love you. Mamaw loves you. Janice loves you. Mom loves you. Thank you for being in mamaw’s room now. Bless her this night and the days and nights to come. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.                                                                                                                              


3 Responses to “For Christians Only”

  1. Amen. Love you Mamaw!

  2. NanaPops Says:

    Keep praying. Mamaw received two pints of blood over eight hours w/ some damage to an artery in her hand. They’re treating her with several meds and oxygen and running more tests. They fear she may have blood clots in her lungs in addition to her COPD breathing problems as well as some other issues.

  3. I’m just now reading your what you wrote today 4/18, I felt your prayers that night along with many others.

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