A Joke That’s Making The Rounds

God walked up to a group of angels in Heaven and was about to tell them a joke. He said,”Stop me if you’ve heard this one.”

“There’s a guy down in Texas, he’s 29. I just gave him and his wife 5 kids.” The angels knew there was humor there, but wanted to know the punchline. So, God kinda gave the group of angels a half-smile and said,”They are all under 4 years old!”

The angels lost it. They usually laugh at God’s jokes cause, well, He’s God. But this time, they were seriously laughing at that poor guy down on Earth. One of the angels actually composed himself enough to ask God what was going to happen to the guy. God said it was all still a work in progress and that he had decided to make the story more interesting.

By now, all the other angels at stopped laughing and were back involved in the story. God continued,”I am going to have the guy try to sell his house, have his wife struggle with pain, and allow his kids to all get sick at the same time. The angel to God’s left asked if that was a little harsh for one human to endure. God said,”Nah, he’ll manage, plus, imagine all of the jokes that will come from this guy’s life. We could go on some sort of comedy tour forever.” The whole group then laughed with glee imagining their future get-togethers.

If you don’t think God has a sense of humor with His own creation, come spend a week in our shoes.


4 Responses to “A Joke That’s Making The Rounds”

  1. I highly doubt God is up there laughing at you. He’s probably BRAGGING about you to those angels! 😉

  2. NanaPops Says:

    From “Humor In The Hebrew Bible” by Dr. Hershey Friedman

    In the Prophets:

    When David found out that King Saul wished to kill him, he fled from Israel and went to Gath. Fearful that Achish, King of Gath, would have him killed, David pretended to be insane. David scribbled on the doors of the gates and allowed saliva to dribble down into his beard. When his servants brought David to him, Achish said (I Samuel 21:15-16): “Why did you bring him to me? Do I lack lunatics that you have brought this one to carry on insanely in my presence?”

    and there are wordplays:

    In the Writings:

    Boaz told Ruth (Ruth 2:12): “May the Lord reward your actions and may your payment be full (shlemah).” The word for full, shlemah, is spelled the same as Shlomo (Solomon) in Hebrew. Ruth’s most famous descendant was indeed Solomon (see Midrash Ruth Rabbah 5:4).

    Humor, yes! Gifts of life, grace, mercy, strength and love, yes! Manipulated and controlled Puppets of God, never. PTL & pray some more.

  3. Donnie, you have such a great sense of humor!

  4. 3kids2jobs1dog Says:

    What an interesting way to describe your life … and very funny. Maybe I am your opening act!

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