Home In Time

There is something that I have come to really really love about my life. Fun times with my kids. It is something simple.

Tonight, I got in from work and the kids were finishing up bath time. I grabbed one of their chairs and got to blow-dry everyone’s hair. What’s real special to me is the way the girls stand in front of me and seem to enjoy having their hair brushed. Their eyes get a little heavy from the warm air and their hair seems as soft as a pillow on a cloud in heaven.

My life seems to spiral out of control from time to time. There are times when I am so exhausted, I am not sure I will make it to the next day. And then there are moments where I am so worried about my wife or one of the kids that it can almost feel that God has left me. But…then…there are times where my girls look my in the eyes and smile and just wait patiently for dad to dry their hair and to give them a hug.

If God called me and said that my purpose on the face of this earth was to simply raise these five kids for an incredible life He had for them; I’d accept. They are worth it. And the people my kids have and will impact are worth it. I am always glad to be home in time for moments like tonight.


2 Responses to “Home In Time”

  1. NanPops Says:

    Kind of reminds us of raising a couple of cool and important kids. We’re praying Logan and you all through his MRI and for the results. Keep on…

  2. 🙂 your kiddos love you so much…and so does your wife. thanks for all your help!

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