Where We Are

Liz is doing worse. Her pain continues to increase. Numbness continues to be felt throughout. The pain is starting to get in the way of her day life.

Thank you to many of you who have written us about schooling for the kids. We have followed up on some leads that folks have suggested. Many of the programs we don’t qualify to use. To those that have followed-up with flat out rude and fairly mean comments, you just don’t get it. The only reason we both wrote anything on our blogs was that it was suggested to us BECAUSE so many people have asked what they can do to help. To think we haven’t even done anything else but sit and wait for the river of money to flow our way…yeah, you just don’t get it.

We are also trying to figure out what school district we’re even going to live in. We are three months into keeping our house as clean as possible for showings. Not the easiest thing to do when you have 5 kids and one of the parents continues to live in severe pain. But we’ll learn to get over it. Oh, and to think that we discuss adult-issues with our kids is absurd. Liz shared the story of her and Logan because it was sweet. He does the same thing when we tell him that we’re not going to spend more money on toys or candy or whatever the next thing is that he can ask for.

I know that we have allowed our lives to be open to attacks of all kinds having a website and a couple of blogs. I know people are tired of hearing about this our that. …something about walking a mile…

Prayer Requests from a Husband/Dad…1.) Pray that a doctor can figure out what to do for Liz and can do it soon. Pray that this year doesn’t turn out to be like the last couple of years where she is living in pain or living in the hospital for more than half of the year. 2.) Pray for continued development of the kids as they continue to impress us with their sentence structure and vocabulary. They have come so far from the two pounds they were three years ago. 3.) Pray we sell our home and are able to find the right house in the right place for our family.


3 Responses to “Where We Are”

  1. NanaPops Says:

    We and many others continue to pray with and for Liz, you, and all.

  2. With everything going on, I’m sorry that the JERKS of the world opened their mouths! Anyone who knows you guys know that you asking for help is one of the hardest things for you do to… I’m proud of you and Liz!

    I’m so sorry she feels crummy…I wish the right doctor with the right solution would present itself!

  3. God has burdened my heart to pray for you all ever since I heard about your babies’ birth almost three years ago. Thanks for being so open and honest as I and others can pray more inteligently for you all! We have a great God who still does miracles so I will pray for a miracle for your house to sell and for the schooling for your little ones. I have been praying for Liz’s health! Thanks for being open inspite of the critics out there on the web! Your “real” faith in God has encouraged me personally!
    Guess that’s why our two married daughters finally got so frustrated and opened blogs only the “invited” could visit so they could say what they felt at any given day! But thanks for letting folks like me whom you have never met see your blogs which I check almost daily! God bless you all.

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