Last night, I expressed all that was going on in my life. I relayed how it all felt like such a burden. It seems easier to notice the stressful side of life. But my days are worth a double-take. I have got to realize that the life I live IS more abundant.

It is Saturday morning. Where in the world are the cartoons? How many people in America have no idea of what is going on in the news and need to be caught up for two hours on Saturday morning? Now, from here, I could get into how things were better years ago and that the world seemed like a better place. (And by the way, not a single presidential candidate is going to make it a better place. That has to begin with each individual. (My motivational thought for the day.))

Although my family is a bit, okay, a lot, different than most families. But we do a lot of the same things. Here’s the scene this morning: mom is asleep (taking the opportunity for much needed rest and recovery); the kids come downstairs for milk and toasted waffles (I figured the half chocolate/half regular would put me in good favor with the kids. Does bribery work at this age?); and now, the kids are playing with talking toys, a dragon that roars, books, and dolls. The house is fairly picked up and the dishwasher is going. It’s Saturday morning.

My kids are playing, the wife is resting, and Sportscenter is looping. I am drinking my NOS and have already eaten a breakfast bowl of eggs, cheese, potatoes, and bacon…with mustard. Perfect! Again, it is easy to focus on the part of life that can drag us down. I may be more guilty of this than anyone. I get so overwhelmed by looking at everything I have to do and take care of. But at least I have things to do and take care of.

Like someone once said,”The grass may be greener on the other side, but someone still has to mow it.”


One Response to “Double-Take”

  1. NanaPops Says:

    We need to talk about this mustard thing?!? You didn’t put it on the kids’ chocolate waffles too did you? Go Vols!

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