Broken Record

I am a passionate person. I get fired-up about a lot of things. That, admittedly, can be good or bad. So there are times when I can get behind something and support it to the very end and there are times when the stupidest things can upset me like nothing else. It is a blessing and a curse. It is an exhausting way to live. ‘Everything in moderation.’ ‘Work Hard, Play Hard.’ ‘Grab the giraffe by the horns.’

The reason I am writing this post is because of how absolutely ridiculous the medical world, as a whole, treats people. Yes, here goes Donny again complaining about something he always talks about. Yes, Donny, we all know how you feel and how you have stated these things before. Well, not tonight. (Did I just talk about myself in the third person; or was that in the fourth person. Anyways.)

It is time. It is time for conservative people and liberal people and religious people and self-help people and smart people and ignorant people to make a decision. At least in the United States, anyways. We are getting ready to vote soon on who we want to run our country for the next four years. At this point, I don’t care about everyone’s view on the current president or the one before him. We are where we are and we need to go where we need to go.

I don’t need someone trying to convince me so-and-so is better for this country than someone else. I just want to state one factor which I think should be strongly considered as you make your decision on who to vote for this November. Healthcare. Our hospital emergency rooms are full. The hospital beds are full. Waiting rooms in doctors’ offices around the country are full. ‘Treat and release’ medical centers are popping up everywhere. Health insurance costs for a family of 7 is ABSURD! What does all this mean? It means doctors still hold you in the palm of their hand and can decide whether or not you are worth their time. Insurance companies can determine whether or not a patient really needs something or not. Pharmaceutical companies get to decide how much to charge for a medicine that people need to overcome a particular problem. No one has the answer, but who comes closest?

This country is getting older in a hurry. Diseases and illnesses are becoming more and more resistant to medicines. Rare problems don’t even shock us anymore. Our incredible country has always been about getting all you can, but work hard for it. When did the same country start putting all other’s interest to the side for higher gain? Again, I would suggest not coming up with the answer, but rather, a way to turn this thing around.

Not as a patient, but as a concerned loved one, I have gotten to experience the good and the bad of the medical world. I have seen my wife affected by it and my children affected by it. I thank companies for coming up with new medicines and news ways of dealing with problems. But remember the people. I feel doctors have two purposes. They are to treat patients and to treat illnesses.

Here is a proposal that may or may not have any kind of impact. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. I know, I know. That is an amazing concept. And no, I refuse to trademark it. But feel free to use it for bumper stickers, t-shirts, and billboards.  I should have titled this post “Listen Up.” People need to be heard. People want to know you care. If you are a doctor, PLEASE don’t make your mind up until you have heard everything. (Grey’s Anatomy will even teach you that. Well, at least when the writers were writing the scripts anyways.) If you haven’t read some of my first few posts, let me make a suggested reading…’How Doctors Think’.


One Response to “Broken Record”

  1. Oh I am totally with you on this. As a former healthcare professional and now someone who trains healthcare professionals, I have fought against this bad attitude my whole career. I absolutely hate the way that some treat their patients! The good thing is that there are actually those out there who truely care. Don’t get too discouraged.

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