Stuck In Sports Quicksand

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. I went to college in a small town in Arkansas. I lived in Brazil for 6 years. Everywhere I have gone, sports to me is the biggest and best release. My dad played football in high school. He raised my brother and I on pick-up games of basketball. I got into street soccer in Brazil. But one of my best friends always had the better skill set for soccer. I got into mountain biking right before leaving Brazil to start college. Luckily, I met some guys at school that were into it as well. In college, I played the gamut of intramural sports. Oh, and some club soccer. (Soccer didn’t become an official athletic program at Ouachita until I left, or right before I left.)

This part of the country is crazy about sports. But I think I need to ask the question…Why? The Dallas Cowboys is supposedly America’s team. Okay, I’ll go with it. But is it still? They have not won a single playoff game in 11 years. NOT ONE!!!! Look at it this way, the Rangers (pro-baseball) haven’t won anything in the post-season to speak of, ever. The Mavericks (pro-basketball) went to the NBA finals a couple of years ago, but couldn’t close the deal when the deal was practically done. The Cowboys (pro-football) haven’t been a threat to anyone relative to a title run in over a decade. The Stars (pro-hockey) have not made a splash in the post-season in at least 4 or 5 years. About the only thing that has had success in the surrounding 300 miles is the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. Oh, and FC Dallas, the pro-soccer team in nearby Frisco; even the Brazilian Denilson couldn’t help them. Maybe the new Brazilian addition, Andre Rocha, can make a difference.

It is so funny to me to listen to sports talk radio around here. National stories are often times debated more so than being excited about some local team doing something exciting. But then again, sports today is disappointing. Who do you believe in this recent steroid/human-growth hormones scandal, Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee? Is Bill Belichick a cheat? How long has he been cheating? Should the NBA All-Star game weekend really be held in crime-infested New Orleans, considering how bad things got out of hand last year in Las Vegas?

This time of the year can be tough on one-sport people. I am thrilled right now because it is basketball season. The Tennessee Vols are 3rd or 4th, depending on which poll you look at, in the country in men’s college basketball. We have a HUGE game against the number one team in the country, Memphis, in a week. Arena football will begin soon. (Another Dallas team, the Desperados, that are great during the regular season, but a disappointment in the post-season.) The NFL Combine for college football players going pro is in a week. And this Summer, we have the Olympics.

So although I feel as if I am living in a bit of blackhole for sports, at least the national sports scene provides a vine of relief. Go Vols, Go Titans, Go Yankees. And for you Maverick fans, Jason Kidd is no where near worth all of those players Mark Cuban is willing to part with.

One Response to “Stuck In Sports Quicksand”

  1. Have you ever read, “How To Win Friends And Influence People”? : ) One of the great things about life that is mirrored in sports is the concept of a new year/season in which things can change and anything is possible (i.e., New York Giants/Boston Red Sox/Appalachian State, etc., etc.)

    Nuttin’ else like it!

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