A Formal Introduction

Now is as good a time as any. I would like to introduce you to someone I have known for a little while. This person has affected my life tremendously. This person is an inspiration. The strength, endurance, and such determined joy shown by this person is heavenly.

This person has been in Texas for almost three years. To sit and share all that this person has been through, well, I’d be here all night. And yet, this person could make you smile no matter the weather outside or inside. But there comes a time when  everybody needs somebody. Well, this special person needs you. No matter who you are, this person needs you.

This beautiful person is my daughter, Candice. Her sister Samantha was born last when all of the quadruplets were born, but I think most people who know her, see Candice as the baby of the family. Well, Candice is having surgery tomorrow. Each child of mine is amazing in their own way. But Candice is my Princess. It is not easy to have to sit there and wait for your little child to come back out of surgery and to hold her in the recovery room, while she fights the pain coming out of anesthesia. This is about her 7th or 8th surgery is her short life. And no, it doesn’t get easier.

So, I am asking for you to pray for my daughter. Pray God uses this surgery to better Candi’s life. Her surgery will start around noon (CST).

Oh, and if you know Candice or ever get a chance to meet her, expect her eyes to read you way down deep. It is like she can know people just by reading their eyes. I think its a trust thing.


3 Responses to “A Formal Introduction”

  1. Sweet little Candi-cane, we love you so! What a heartfelt post Daddy. Another day we will get through together. Hugs. Love you.

  2. We’ll be praying for little Candice over at the Mathis house today.

  3. We continue to pray as the Lord heals her and you two, again. We thank God for Candice’ experience of being so loved through all of this. She experiences God’s presence through the secure love, and loving prayers of her family (inluding extended Christian family). Love & prayers from Portugal.

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