Tonight, I Love Being Wrong

The Giants won. Maybe this is a good omen and the New York Yankees can win the World Series in 2008. What an amazing game. Talk about an amazing family. The Manning’s now have two Super Bowl winners and two Super Bowl MVPs in the family.

I loved this Super Bowl. We had family over and we all watched the whole time. Finally, the game was more entertaining than the commercials. Although, the commercial with the baby trading stocks was awesome. Anyways, congrats to the New York Giants and their fans. And to Tom Brady, get back to your baby and baby’s mama.

One Response to “Tonight, I Love Being Wrong”

  1. Always good to see underdogs surprise us once in awhile. The Manning boys do continue to impress and seem to be a great example of what a stable family with two engaged parents does for kids ability to learn and grow up to be resposible, moral adults with a good work ethic, etc. I don’t know where they are spitiually though. Our team got some good tv coverage with a spot on the news and interviews etc. With 6 turnovers, to only lose by two touchdowns isn’t too bad.

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