Why Bother?

Perspective. I like to consider my perspective ever so often. The way I see things is going to be distorted by the past and present. Though my thoughts may be random, at least my blog can help me make sense of it all.

I learned something about God recently. God couldn’t care less about being fair. If He did, it would have been fair of him to wipe the Earth clean of humans, several times, since Noah. To an extent, be glad you don’t always get what you deserve. Then again, what would be fair? All of us living the same life? But why bother?

I guess it would just be nice if my wife no longer had any health problems and I wouldn’t have to ask her 6.3 million times a day,”Are you okay?” “Are you sure?” I am ready for my daughter to no longer need trips to Children’s Medical Center. I am ready for ‘Tater’ to run normally and walk normally and be able to function as a little man like his older brother. Yet, in the end, it is so exhausting. Why bother?

I caught a few minutes of the evening news last night…man, did I ever feel uplifted and encouraged and invigorated. The housing market continues to decline. Jobs are being lost at a faster pace than they have for a long time. And Exxon Mobil made BILLIONS of dollars in profits last year. But, I am not totally convinced that the economy is heading for the cliff of despair. Movies continue to hit box office records. New restaurants continue to be built. The only other war I have lived through was the one back in 1991, when the US and it’s allies went in to free Kuwait. It wasn’t a long war. If this war is putting a strain on the country like it is, from economical and political standpoints, I can see why the country was in the state it was in during the Vietnam war. It seems to be a bit of a vicious cycle. So why bother?

Maybe its time to get an ‘open-minded’ president in the office and just let the media swing us the other way finally. Let’s be influenced by the environment going to pot (no pun intended), by the oil lords of some far away country, and by the money-hungry medical community. Man, I am game for everyone making all the money they can. But at what cost? (Or better yet, at whose cost?) We’ll keep building crazy-looking concept cars, making S-T-U-P-I-D movies like Cloverfield, and building billion-dollar stadiums. Who cares? Why bother?

I’ll tell you why. ‘Cause we can. We as humans, rulers over animals and the earth, should not lose our drive to be human. God created us to grow, learn, think, explore, and innovate. He also created us to be kind, understanding, loving, caring, and responsible. Why bother in a time of apparent darkness and loneliness? Because somebody does love you. No, not everyday is going to be a Magic Kingdom experience, but it doesn’t need to be your own ‘Castaway’ either.

Here’s the plan: Purposely smile more often. Watch more encouraging shows. Walk. I have to love life. I have five kids that need to know that though the world around them is a mess, they are loved, needed, appreciated, and can make a difference in many peoples’ lives. Frankly, we’re just a little “2 Legit 2 Quit!” 🙂


2 Responses to “Why Bother?”

  1. 2 Legit, 2 Legit to Quit!!!! We have been married over five years and have known each other longer than that but it still amazes me how you can be so random, yet so full of thoughts, and yet you make sense of it all. I did have to read this one annd the last one twice to fully “get” it all. LOL! Guess thats the blonde highlights coming through. 🙂

  2. Ditto on the random yet insightful, Liz. Donny, your and Liz’s past and present experiences have certainly “affected” your perspective. But I wouldn’t say it has distorted it much at all. Enlightened and informed would be more like it. So many would have been more than distorted long ago, but you two seem to have allowed it to make you wise, loving, thoughtful and joyous beyond your physical age. But then, you two have great faith in the “supernatural” and you’re walkin’ it while you’re talkin’ it.

    Keep on… And keep on sharing it. – Dad

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