My First Day

Today, I am 29 and will be all day long. I am not 30, nor am I 22. 29 years of life does allow time for experiences, failures, successes, and some perspective. I figured this was a good time to put down my thoughts on some things, especially since it had been a few days since my last post.

The first step today is to make sure I know who I am. In a world that loves to tell you who you are or who you should be, it would be easy to lose yourself. I am very fine with conformity, IF it makes sense. Sometimes there is a good reason why things have been done the same way for so long. And then there are times when the new way is better. The area in which I have grown in is figuring out where and when to question the reason for taking a certain path.

Every few years, it seems that my perspective on life and it’s inhabitants changes. First, there was moving overseas. For the rest of my life from that point forward, I will have some sense of an international perspective on money, disease, poverty, and how a lot of the world views Americans. Then there was moving back to the States by myself for college. That time in my life gave me an understanding of what it means to be alone. Soon after college was marriage. So on the opposite end of the spectrum, I know what its like to never be alone. Next comes children. Children will take your perspective, slobber all over it, claim it as their own, and then throw it over the gate and down the stairs. These are some major impacts that having kids have had on me: my conviction on abortion has been strengthened; I had considered myself a traditionalist when it came to family roles until four people showed up at once; and as frustrating as they can be, kids do make life way better. And you want to talk about life-changing? Having your wife in the hospital for a half a year, after having gone through the same thing 2 years earlier, that’ll get you a large plate of perspective with a side order of perspective.

For about the last year, I have been traveling for business. Spending time next to complete strangers on airplanes, watching people handle situations at airports, and getting an idea of how people in other parts of the country live; I absolutely love it. It is cool to me to see how many of the same things that I have to deal with everyday, others are going through as well.

You know, there is a very very popular (and awesome, I might add) book out called ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ After having read it and time to think on it, I sometimes wonder if in the end, the moral of the story is not about accepting change, but more about the fact that no matter what changes around us, we are all after the same thing. You can substitute cheese with money or notoriety or acceptance or even self-worth. And everytime we are on the right path of reaching those goals, it seems that someone moves it and we have to start the hunt all over again. And I am the same way.

When I tell people about what all Liz has been through over the last few years, they always say “bless her heart” or “God bless you.” When I tell people about the quads and Logan, I get the same responses. Well, folks, after 29 years of existence, I have been blessed. Maybe not in the same ways you have, and frankly, many of you would never want to be blessed the way I have. But with my perspective in place, I have been blessed. My wife is ALIVE! My children are ALIVE! I have a large family that I love, immediate and extended. I have a job that I love. I have a home. I get to travel. I have a life to call my own, though I have relinquished that control to God.

So, on my first day as a 29 year-old, life is grand. Life is hard and tough and rough and exhausting. Life is not time-consuming, boring, or worthless. At 29, I am still a selfish sportsfan that feels that my teams are better than your’s. I can still be an arrogant, young punk that thinks he can do it all. I have my moments where I fall into the typical guy stereotype of being loud, obnoxious and annoying. I have my moments of being sensitive, caring, and helpful. And with God’s help, the middle is achievable.


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  1. Keep on man. It gets better all the time. Happy Birthday again1


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